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Speed Of Race
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Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Turkish
Players: Single-player
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4 Fev, 2016 às 16:08
21 Fev, 2016 às 11:50
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About Graphics and Open World
Welcome to the Phoenix City, where cops are nothing more than a fly and you are the ruler of the city.
Limits does not effect you. Beware, you are not the only one who wants to be the ruler of this city.
Modify your car, plan your race and became the most popular driver on the city.
Accept challanges, earn money and build your dream car with Speed Of Race.
Became the Speed Of Race !

Features :

  • Open world city
  • Modify you car
  • Races and challanges
  • High quality cars
  • Driving and AI systems
  • Racing against time
  • Drifting
  • 8 player track race
  • Story races
  • Open world free driving, randomize races

For business and other things please mail : alexgrist12@gmail.com
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17 Fev, 2016 às 22:00
Street Legal Racing Redline
Mr. Shish K. Bob
9 Fev, 2016 às 8:50
Grafik optimizasyonu
Arizona Bağılı
9 Fev, 2016 às 12:43
Gerçekten güzel fakat kamera ile ilgili önerim var.
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Pijamalı Çocuk 9 de Fev às 10:42 
Arkadaşlar Oyun Burda Devam Ediyor Takip Edin = https://www.facebook.com/QuadfixGames
Keep Working Game Here = https://www.facebook.com/QuadfixGames
✪Bi'Cola Tesla☕♋✪ 17 Abr, 2018 às 12:58 
Arkadaşlar İletişime Geçtim Ataberkle Onunda Dediği Gibi Projeyi Durdurdular Bazı Sebeplerden Dolayı Bende Bekliyodum
Poptip 26 Mar, 2017 às 7:10 
Merhaba.Oyunun çıkış tarihi hakkında bilgilendirme yapabilirmisiniz?Teşekkürler:facepunch:
BR1907 [VAC] 21 Mar, 2017 às 4:38 
Ya bari çıkmıo ön siparişe sunun ya da beta sunun yeter çok bekledik
potok 18 Mar, 2017 às 7:57 
çıksın artık
アルタイイーグル  [autor] 8 Mar, 2017 às 12:22 
@Almost Anthony Hey, this project is in hold. Due to some private reasons. It's nearly completed but our team needs to focus on another things. Sorry. Have a nice day.
Anthony Above 5 Mar, 2017 às 18:48 
Uhh.. rip game? (if you are still in fact working on this) Honestly if it's taken this long to do anything after already being greenlit, then the game was never really Greenlight ready to begin with. You're suppose to have a mostly complete game when submitting to Greenlight from what I understand. Greenlight is for games pretty much done, and seeing if they can be marketable, not to test if a idea for a project should be pursued. No hate though, either way. However, I feel as if this should be taken down completely and then reuploaded when you've actually got something to show and are practically done with the game.
ZOPO THE CAT 5 Mar, 2017 às 10:27 
Fuarda biteli çok oldu çıksın artık
chhelo 10 Jan, 2017 às 11:20 
ayrıca tofaş olsa mütüş olur XD
chhelo 10 Jan, 2017 às 11:20 
çıktığı gibi alıcam ne zaman çıkıcak ?