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Vegas Prime Retrograde, Episode 1: Data Burst
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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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16 Out, 2015 às 18:16
28 Jun, 2016 às 10:43
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72 hours!!
Welcome to Vegas Prime!
Data de lançamento: Late 2017

Play as COMS operative Clara as you hack your way through the futuristic streets of Vegas Prime. Intercept an unusual message from beyond the futuristic grave, piece together a mysterious data bundle, and infiltrate a corporate facility to seek help decoding the data by an imprisoned AI.

  • Classic 90s cyberpunk stylistic presentation.
  • Street-level and subterranean hacking missions.
  • Episodic story tie-in with Vegas Prime Retrograde underground comic.

Data Burst is the first episode in the Vegas Prime Retrograde series, chronicling the post-deployment lives of deep-space resource miners as they reintegrate into a near-utopian society, and become embroiled in a strange and nefarious off-world plot.

As VPR unfolds, future episodes will see the development of the characters from Clara's team, each with unique skill sets and game play mechanics, creating a party capable of navigating the VPR season finale.

Vegas Prime Retrograde uses a first person camera and the controls will probably be familiar to fans of the FPS genre. If you play with a controller or gamepad, the controls are reminiscent of most mainstream FPS. Run, jump, strafe, it’s all there.


Clara’s primary action is to hack various electronic devices that are made available to her. Sometimes she uses her deck to tunnel into devices to acquire bits of the data bundle, and sometimes she uses it to attack data uplinks used by corporate hackers.

Hackable targets can be almost any electronic device, ranging from parking meters to unsuspecting com-units to security cameras, and are scanned by her NAV unit or added as waypoints automatically.


While she is hacking devices, she is able to use whatever illicit software she has picked up to help her. These can range from new improved dictionary lists, DDOS software, viruses, or the rare Quantum Brute Force application. These can speed up her attacks, slow down the opponent, cause disconnects, or other effects.

Target systems incorporate the signatures of these tools quickly, so each tool is single use. USE THEM WISELY!
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36 comentários
Open Form Games  [autor] 29 Jun, 2016 às 12:53 
Hey! We were greenlit! ZOMG!!! We're going to send out some love to everyone that helped us get through that part of the process. We still have a lot of work to do and want to keep everyone here involved in making VPR kick ass!
FiddleSticks 21 Jun, 2016 às 16:50 
Love the concept!!! =D
deanmichaelwheatley 14 Jan, 2016 às 8:46 
Stu, looking forward to playing this puppy. Finally fixed my desktop and installed steam! - Dean
Raphael Arkera 13 Jan, 2016 às 11:54 
Voted Yes! Love the art style. Looking forward to this, good luck guys!
Wilderness Journal Games 14 Nov, 2015 às 9:39 
Great art style and interesting concept too... Yes from me
Azimoth 23 Out, 2015 às 2:43 
Voted. You have a really interesting art style, I like it.
kraklegrand 23 Out, 2015 às 0:48 
Really like the art style!
margaritas4amy 22 Out, 2015 às 9:52 
I've been watching your progress for months now, keep up the good work guys!
stuarttempleton  [autor] 21 Out, 2015 às 7:49 
Thanks for the continued support, everyone! Anyone have any questions about gameplay, story, or lore? Feel free to add them to the Discussions panel too!
Dog Star VR 21 Out, 2015 às 7:09 
Looks great guys! Love the music.