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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
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29 Jul, 2015 às 5:36
1 de Fev às 16:52

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RacketBoy on Indie Go Go!

Racketboy is an old school block breaking bullet hell that takes you to a colorful universe of nonsense creatures, beautiful worlds and non-stop space tennis action. Help Racketboy save his planet from a horde of cute-yet-deadly foes who will stop at nothing to bring pain and suffering to our hero's homeland.

  • Classic arcade action
  • Beautiful 16-bit era pixelart
  • Easy to pick up and hard to master addictive gameplay
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Colorful levels with day time transitions and abstract themes
  • Power-ups and Buddies that will help you on your way
  • Endless Score Attack mode
  • World Leaderboards so you can compete with the entire world to be the ultimate RacketBoy

After some heavy brainstorming, mechanics experiments, and a whole lot of dying while playing insane arcade shooters, we developed a combination of two classic genres to create a completely unique experience. Racketboy will challenge you in a new and exciting way.

You won't have access to weapons or be able to freely shoot at enemies. Instead, you will have to explore the uses of your handy laser racket to send enemies bullets flying straight back at them. But be careful, for some bullets can't be striked back!
However, if you manage to master your tennis skils, you will be able to turn a ball into a deadly sphere of ominous destruction to lay waste to everything in sight.

Despite our different approach to the genre, we want fans of the good old shoot'em up games to feel encouraged to compete for high scores and perfect runs in our game.

That's why we will make our best efforts to bring a worthy challenge to hardcore fans, rewarding them for achieving a perfect run through a game or a perfect boss battle, and many other skill related achievements.
There will also be leaderboards to house the all-time best players, so get ready for some really tough competition!
And if you want to test your endurance, the Endless Mode will also be available, taking you into an intense challenge that forces you to face everything you already unlocked in the game for as long as you can go.

No shooter is complete without gigantic bosses with overwhelming bullet patterns, and rest assured you will encounter as many as you can fight ! Each level will have a single boss waiting for you in the end, and new bosses can be unlocked through achievements, increasing the roster more and more. Minibosses are there to make it even more challenging, trying to beat you at your own game of space tennis, using every dirty strategy they can to completely destroy you.

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58 comentários
Caroline Andrade 12 Fev, 2016 às 1:19 
BlackRose Studios aqui apoiando!
Caroline Andrade 12 Fev, 2016 às 1:19 
|Wabbit-tan| 18 Dez, 2015 às 15:23 
will we be able to uuse a controller to play it ?

SGTSolj 12 Dez, 2015 às 14:20 
I can't believe just a few months ago I was reviewing your game for the Gamejam and now you're already Greenlit! I look forward to reviewing this game as soon as it comes out on Steam!!
Dane 11 Nov, 2015 às 14:53 
Sensacional esse jogo! Tive a oportunidade de conhecer os produtores e jogar o jogo na IFRJ! Estão de parabéns!
Elisangela Bongiovi 2 Nov, 2015 às 17:15 
WOW <3
Arthur Protasio 30 Out, 2015 às 8:36 
Uooooou! RacketBoy is an awesome crazy-humor high-adrenaline gem! No wonder it won the "Indies vs Gamers" Jam! :D
Everest 23 Out, 2015 às 15:00 
Jogo muito foda!!!
Felipe Neves 22 Out, 2015 às 18:34 
Muito bom esse jogo!
davidguitar 21 Out, 2015 às 15:28 
Awesome! The minutes playing this game today in SECCIM today were INCREDIBLE!