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Nobu: Fat Revenge!
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11 Abr, 2015 às 12:06
27 Mai, 2015 às 9:29
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"Nobu: Fat Revenge" is GreenLit!!
Previews? Let's Play? Developer or Gamer?
"Nobu: Fat Revenge" is a side-scroller, action/platformer game that challanges both your skill and patience like the old NES games.

Tackling the game alone or with a friend in Coop-Mode, this game features fully hand-draw hd cartoon/anime art, a fantastic sound track, mixing japanese instruments with rock guitar, resulting in an odd but great to hear music. It also features tons of different types of enemies, smart and dumb, fun habilities and weapons to try out and a back story using comic pages to keep the interest up.

Seeking for revenge, Nobu has to face danger throughout 5 stages filled with enemies, traps and bosses till he reaches his goal.

Features (final game)
  • Single player mode with 25 levels.
  • Local Coop mode.
  • Unlockable old school mode (Hard mode)
  • Unlockable character (coop)
  • Bosses
  • Tons of weapons
  • Character customization that changes your stats (coop)
  • Hd cartoon/anime hand drawn graphics
  • Japanese/Rock guitar sound track
  • Cutscenes made with comic-pages.
  • Mac and Linux versions available after game is released!
  • Your ideas!

Features (alpha version)
  • Single player mode with 5 levels.
  • Local Coop mode.
  • Bosse
  • 3 weapons
  • Character customization(coop)
  • Hd cartoon/anime hand drawn graphics
  • Japanese/Rock guitar sound track

Destructible tiles and dynamic lighting system

Slash enemies

Different types of enemies, AI and items drops

sorry for the gif compression and darkness, this does not represent the in-game quality

Alpha Previews from Press/Youtubers

More about the studio
"Nobu: Fat Revenge!" is being created by a single developer named Tiago Vilaça, better known as Binary Pig Studio.
Me handling all the code, art, animations and now sfx, but with the help of some freelancers to compose the music and do the sound effects, i was able to get this far but with your support more can be achieved by this little swine.




Thank you for your support!
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51 comentários
SpellShell 12 Jun, 2017 às 10:46 
Any updates?
devotee 20 Dez, 2016 às 12:27 
Binary Pig Studio  [autor] 27 Mai, 2015 às 13:05 
Thanks eyeliner!!
eyeliner 27 Mai, 2015 às 12:40 
Ohhhh, YESSSSS!!!!!
eyeliner 25 Mai, 2015 às 11:02 
Já o comprei. Espero que entre aqui. Merece.
Binary Pig Studio  [autor] 10 Mai, 2015 às 15:40 
Thanks everyone, that means a lot! :D (obrigadissimo Cooper)
Cooper 10 Mai, 2015 às 11:57 
ahah leva o meu like por ter personagens gordinhas de barriga à mostra. Mais jogos deviam ter character design deste tipo. Boas sorte
ZonFun 9 Mai, 2015 às 15:54 
Cool :) Congrats it's a fantastic game with lovely characters :)
siedmiu 23 Abr, 2015 às 4:09 
Binary Pig Studio  [autor] 18 Abr, 2015 às 13:42 
Obrigado a ambos! (Cheers guys!)