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Fast Aim / Reflex Training
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2 Jan, 2015 às 14:21
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Fast Aim / Reflex Training

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yolokas CS:GO-Map Collection
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a fast-paced training map to easily improve aim and reaction-time!

How to start the map:
1) Download this map(Click on Subscribe to download!)
2)Start CSGO and Click on Play Game and than on Offline with Bots
3) Click on the Workshop maps. If you did everything right my map should show up!
4) Now start the map in a private match, not public!(thx to Hawkon for telling me this) by clicking on it! The bot-difficulty is not important!(but dont select "no bots")
5) After loading the map, join the Counterterrorist-Team!

Start the map by typing "map aimtraindriving_sf custom" in the console.

How to play the map:
1) Join the CT Team
2) Shoot on the button below your feet to open a Weapon Menu. Or press B to simply buy weapons!
3) If the bots wont move, just shoot a bit around!
4) Now kill the bots, before they reach the gab, but if they somehow do reach it nothing will happen, the bots die and respawn! Thats because it is an Aimtraining and not a Minigame :)
5) But pay attention, the bots can knife you! (if you dont like that, type "god" in the console!)
5) Have fun :D

Additional Information:
-The bots can knife you, type "god" in the console to stop that!
-You have infinite-ammo! Type:"sv_infinite_ammo 2" in the console if you want to reload your gun!

Unable to Join CT?
This can happen if you played on another workshop map before, which changed the gamerules to Only T!
To fix it join the Terrorists first. Now you should be able to join CT. If not kill the CT-Bot first to end the round.
You could also enter "mp_humanteam any" in the console before loading up the map to completly prevent this!

Supporting me
You want to donate money? No problem, if you think you have enough money to donate it to a mapmaker click HERE![] and donate it!
(Please let me know if you donated smth, would make me really happy :D)
You really want to support me?
Than Follow my SteamWorkshop and check out my Youtube Channel

You want to make your own CSGO map? Check these youtubers out, they have great Tuts!

This map was formally known as Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map [SPv]/ aimtraindriving

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TYPE bot_add_t IN CONSOLE >.>
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o mapa ta bugado , a maioria estao por causa da atualizacao de halloween
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49:43 Hacked LUL
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Only chickens for me... halloween crap update
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anyone know the console name for this map?