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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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24 Abr, 2015 às 3:32
13 Abr, 2016 às 14:13

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In Veer, you navigate the world through solving logical puzzles. The core mechanic used to do this is relative teleporting: Jumping between relative positions to pylons in the levels. This, in combination with the ability to change the direction of gravity, are the corner pieces of the game, where everything revolves around and is created for the core experience of puzzle solving.

Throughout the game, new ways of using the mechanics are introduced to create a more complex and challenging experience. Turn your world around, teleport yourself past obstacles, and find your way through the temple!

Change the direction of gravity!

Ranged gravity switches!

Change which pylons are linked, and therefore your opportunities!

some pylons are moving, and with them, your relative position

Create your own pylons, and master the puzzles!

We are currently implementing timed runs, with online leaderborads for all levels!
There are multiple solutions and shortcuts throughout the game. Find the optimal path in each level!

The game contains 60 levels in two parts, and takes a couple of hours to complete.
The first part is puzzle solving oriented, and focuses on learning the mechanics without the need for "skill".
The second part is skill and execution focused, and is hard to beat even when knowing what to do.

We believe in explanation through level design, and most of the game will be without text. This will make it easy for us to translate the little text the game will have to as many languages as possible.
We will start adding languages after the release.

Is a small studio made up of 2 former gamedesign students at Uppsala University. Veer is our first project. We would love your feedback on anything and everything!

Veer on other places
Contact us!
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25 Dez, 2015 às 18:48
When the release?
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42 comentários
Dank lizard 11 Mar, 2016 às 23:11 
played it at the 2015 game show. i cant wait for it
Pointless Entertainment LLC 21 Jan, 2016 às 18:05 
Bacon Overlord® 13 Jan, 2016 às 9:01 
Lots of time has passed. Can we get a status update? Looks like a great game.
MakoSipper 6 Dez, 2015 às 17:49 
Any news? It's been a while...
Awesome_Man 26 Jun, 2015 às 3:16 
I love it! Although I've seen these same mechanics used in other games before, you can tell a lot of effort is being put into making this a unique title.
Antokolos 23 Jun, 2015 às 10:17 
Good idea! Good luck!
altSHIFT1 23 Jun, 2015 às 8:36 
Cool game
ryan 23 Jun, 2015 às 1:15 
looks stupid mate
DeWitt 19 Jun, 2015 às 18:22 
I like what i saw . Voted
LadySky89 17 Jun, 2015 às 17:01 
This looks really cool, nice design and mechanics, I wish you good luck. :)