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Jumps Training
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Jumps Training

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Jumps Training was created by whiskeyo to help players practise their movement on the most popular spots from competitive maps. In short time there should be a playlist of videos on my YouTube channel showing how each jump is done.

If you find any bugs (I guess there are none though) or have any suggestions, post them in one of the topics below!

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14 de Abr às 15:41
Remove the hut window jump
8 de Abr às 4:04
AFIXADO: Bugs & glitches
18 de Jan às 11:12
AFIXADO: Suggestions
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lerry bird 9 de Abr às 17:15 
bem legal
Mamka Boy 8 de Abr às 14:50 
Измените последние уровни, с измененой физикой это сделать нереально, даже в кибер спорте это не практикуется
PortalMark 2 de Abr às 13:22 
Rafonix ¥CSGO-SKINS.COM¥ 30 de Mar às 0:29 
gud gud
Pruto 28 de Mar às 10:33 
3:30 i end
CheisliterallyJesus 28 de Mar às 7:39 
maybe remove the nuke hut window jump and add the jump from b site train (2nd train to bomb train)
whiskeyo  [autor] 28 de Mar às 7:10 
config is loaded automatically after the map is loaded, so there should be no problem, I will check it though 28 de Mar às 6:36 
I guess when you start by typing in the console (map jumptrainingv3) it keeps competitive settings. With that said you should tweak the cbble stage and let us do it from the right side of it.
whiskeyo  [autor] 28 de Mar às 6:33 
these are all competitive settings in map's config 28 de Mar às 6:28 
we go way too fast, the values aren't the "competitive" ones. Jumps are way too easy to do with tweaked settings.