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InSomnia RPG
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Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
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23 Jun, 2014 às 5:04
25 Abr, 2017 às 3:17
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New Steam page & publisher announcement
  • Negotiations with Steam. Most of you are probably aware that Valve had shut down Steam Greenlight some time ago, which means the rules of getting the game out to the world have changed. We still consider Steam as the starting point for INSOMNIA’s release and it’s very important for us to make this process as smooth as possible. This is where HeroCraft steps in with all of their experience and connections with Valve. Succeeding in this area means securing additional funds for the studio and keeping all of the developers working on the game.

  • Localization assistance. Unfortunately localization turned out to be the weakest point of the project which resulted in our beta-test being postponed. Finally, thanks to HeroCraft, we are able to boost this process.

  • QA and Technical support. Currently our team consists of 12 developers and each one of them is constantly occupied with improving Insomnia in every possible way. This means we will not be able to collect and process all of the feedback related to technical issues by ourselves. HeroCraft’s QA department will collect user feedback, carry out internal testing and report on these issues in a timely manner. This should allow us to fix as many bugs as humanly possible before launch.

  • Press outreach. As a publisher HeroCraft will assist with proper media coverage for Insomnia and help drive more attention of the gaming community to the game. Which is always a good thing ;).
Another long-overdue issue that HeroCraft will help solve is the game’s website, which is in dire need of getting a facelift.

Stay tuned: next stop – beta test!

InSomnia - role-playing system overview
Creating your character

While most of the RPGs give you an opportunity to distribute the skill points and set your other stats before the actual game even started, we believe that playing a game such as InSomnia using that approach is not the best solution. How would you possibly know who you want to be in the world you are experiencing for the first time?

What we do is giving you a starting point - an opportunity to pick a background (biography) for your character which will influence your starting gear and give you initial boost for one of the skills (you'll have at least 5 various bios to pick from). After that point whenever you get a level there's a skill point that you can distribute to develop one of many skills and attributes available.

Each one of them has 4 levels (except the ones that are listed in italics under the images below) and getting higher levels require more skill points to be invested simultaneously, so no easy mode or "Jack of all trades" type of character creation will be possible. Getting levels is tough work here.


The basis of any character are Attributes. When it comes to InSomnia we are talking about:

Does SASS sound like a good and fancy short name for this system? We hope so, however you are free to come up with one on your own.

Skill types

When it comes to skills they are being divided into two main groups. First one is General Skills and it includes:

Combat Skills on the other hand consist of two different branches on it's own. Let's start with the first one which would be Close Combat. If you like to deal with your foes in person than this is what you can pick from:

...and finally Ranged Combat. If you prefer to talk to people while keeping them on the other side of your gun then this is what you are going to get:

Other than that there's also a system of so called Achievements or Scars that you will get for different reasons and that are able to make an impact on how people react to you. Also as you might have noticed there's no separate skill that would directly affect your ability to persuade people while talking to them. This is because all other skills you develop (or not) serve as triggers to certain dialogue lines or scenarios. So pick wisely...

Your choice matters

So let's say you've invested some of your skill points into Explosives. How exactly this can help you on your way through Object 6? Other than disarming landmines there are certain situations that can have a really dramatic outcome. One of the missions you will get while playing InSomnia is help with handling the revolt that was started by the group of most miserable and poor segments of Ark's population -- the Getters.

As a part of your task you are being sent into tunnels to search for any saboteurs who could possibly use the revolt to distract the attention of the Ordinate, the army-like fraction of Object 6. On your way through the tunnels you are being attacked by saboteurs indeed and next thing you know - they planned to blow up the local military checkpoint by setting up the massive amounts of explosives beneath.

If you happen to be handy enough you will be able to disarm those explosives... well, just in case. In the end you will face a young guy holding a detonator in his shaking hand. Disarming the bombs previously will prevent him from blowing up the checkpoint in case you won't be able to talk him out of this. Otherwise you will end up with your fellow soldiers get killed and basically fail your commander.

So disarming the bombs or persuading the young saboteur to get his fingers away from the detonator button seems like a perfect outcome for everyone (well the guy is going to jail obviously), but is it really it? And what happens to the revolting crowd? Live shows that sometimes there's no such thing as happy ending...

PS. until next time! We will keep you posted regarding the closed beta and all other InSomnia related activity in the following weeks.

Data de lançamento: 2018 (TBA)
About the game

InSomnia RPG is a severe, ascetic world inhabited by the descendants of a once great nation that has left its planet when it was agonizing in the flames of war. The action takes place on a colossal, half-abandoned space station that has spent the last four hundred years travelling through the void towards the mysterious Evacuation Point.

The long years spent in the stern conditions have defined the character of the society built by the exiles among the rusty iron barrens. The station’s dwellers live according to the strict laws and obey the implacable doctrine of Order, the aim of which is to maintain the unity of the Nomah Nation till the moment when the settlers would set foot on an inhabitable planet and start their history anew.

Main Features:
  • An RPG in a dark, retrofuturist style - The action takes place on a colossal, half-abandoned space station that has spent the last four hundred years travelling through the void towards the mysterious Evacuation Point. Your character will wander through deserted tunnels and moss-covered shafts of long-uninhabited sectors; you shall visit the “space megalopolis” with rusty monuments full of echoes of the perished culture of Nomah; you will have to be on your guard in the slums of reservations whose dwellers eagerly exchange a stranger’s life for a handful of cartridges. The game’s oozy dark ambient soundtrack will help you to immerse completely in the atmosphere of this severe world.

  • Explore and survive - Innumerable secrets of the past are buried under the piles of debris in the abandoned sectors of the steel ark. Explore remote areas, but try to stay alive, for Object 6 reacts severely to those who attempt to disturb its centuries-old drowse. Hunger and thirst, fatigue and lack of essential resources, traumas and hostile environments will be as dangerous as the horrible beasts hiding in the dark of the tunnels of metal.

  • Character development and customization - Develop your character through his interaction with the environment, such as talking with NPCs or real-time tactical fights in single-player and cooperative scenarios. Deep character and item customization system helps to create not just a hero with a unique set of properties, but a living character who has his own story and temper.

  • Open world and random encounters and missions generation system - It’s up to you to decide where to go and what to do. The random events and missions generation system adds surprise to the gameplay, making the gamer’s experience unique every time when you can’t predict who, or what, is waiting for you behind the corridor’s turn.

  • Non-linear, multi-layered storyline - InSomnia RPG is all about branched dialogues, numerous tasks, a complex system of relations with characters and factions, points of no return, and having to make complicate decisions fraught with irreversible consequences in the game’s world.

  • Realistic melee and ranged combat system - The game features unique mechanics of both close and ranged combat. Every armor or weapon type has its own tactical virtues and shortcomings. The multi-level damage and wounds system, as well as destroyable covers, supplement the events with brutal realism.
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Support this game in KickStarter!
5 Dez, 2017 às 3:39
Was there a Paypal pledge on the website?
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samasta  [autor] 29 de Mar às 12:48 
We've got a new Steam page for the game running: http://store.steampowered.com/app/783170/INSOMNIA_The_Ark/
Vault_13 23 de Mar às 3:40 
The store front will be launched quite soon.
The Moon Robot 21 de Mar às 11:37 
I have a question. Where is the Store front for this game?
Marcus Avis 21 de Mar às 4:54 
Сколько ещё ждать?
Vault_13 20 de Mar às 3:17 
We are launching the new Steam page for the game, we will have more details then.
kevinhann 13 de Mar às 17:12 
Been waiting for this one for a while, I'm happy it will arrive soon :) Do you guys have any tentative release date in mind (just something to give us a broad idea, not a deadline you absolutely must obey, we know delays happen)? Could it be on steam in the next month or two or it will most likely take longer?
samasta  [autor] 10 Dez, 2017 às 9:06 
Sure, no problem. When I mentioned updates on Steam I meant the ones we post over here:
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/269018411 .
SilverBeard 9 Dez, 2017 às 22:19 
@samasta - Thank you for your quick response. I am relieved to hear that the Beta release is coming. I look forward to providing feedback and bug reports as necessary.
As to updates here on Steam. I'm looking down the page, and I cannot see any updates since your post 6 July "We will post an update here this month with all latest info, dates etc". This was why I asked the question.
No doubt your main website will cater for all these things, once it's up and running.I look forward to it.
samasta  [autor] 6 Dez, 2017 às 9:59 
The closed beta test for everyone who is eligible to have an access to it will start later this month. New trailer, publisher's name and release date announcement will follow shortly. You can find all the updates either on Kickstarter or here (we post them everywhere), and since July there were plenty of those.
SilverBeard 3 Dez, 2017 às 23:07 
@samasta - My questions to you are, as this Page's "Author":
=Do you have any direct link to this game's development, or with the Dev Team?
=What happened to the update promised in July?
I've pre-purchased this game in good faith. As have 1,697 other backers.
Contributions for the SECOND Kickstarter's went well over the goal of £55,000 (US$130,000).
I noticed you've spent 316.1 hours over the past 2 weeks on STEAM. Playing games or working?
=Is this game Vaporware?