Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch, Wingman
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Welcome to Jingshen!

Jingshen is a fictional small village in the beautiful landscapes of Asia. It may seem like a quiet and peaceful place - but watch out! There is trouble on the way to bring mischief and destruction. It won't be quiet anymore very shortly.

Jingshen is a bomb defusal map which was designed to deliver a unique playstyle while being just familiar enough allowing new players to pick it up quickly.

Made for Mapcore's 2019/2020 Exotic Places Mapping Contest

**TOP 4 WINNER of Mapcore's 2019/2020 Exotic Places Mapping Contest**[]

Brought to you by @Freyja_Design (Environment Art), @TylerTeschke (3D Art) and @El_Exodus (Level Design)

Thanks to all the playtesters, the feedback and !

ElectroSheep - various skybox mountains
Yanzl - water materials, cliff texture
untor - various models/textures
Thanks to all of you for providing these assets/for permission to use them!
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Hazard 6 de Abr às 3:50 
I really love asian themed maps. There should be more of them
武汉乌克兰人dorimi王朗 4 de Abr às 15:12 
The map is better than Chlorine, should be added!
Night 3 de Abr às 13:34 

Grand Big Mac 31 de Mar às 22:44 
Noob Blue 30 de Mar às 4:50 
RedSniperRanger 28 de Fev às 11:04 
It's a really beautiful map, although if you play with bots, since they always know where you are - they always shoot you through the wooden walls (which ruins the game).
Brian 23 de Fev às 7:05 
Great map! I really like the style. Here is my full review:
Enrel --Iwnl-- 16 de Fev às 10:35 
great map! volvo pls add
j1yx 15 de Fev às 18:05 
GREAT map! would love to see this map being add to comp map pool(if balanced)
LAZY [DK] 15 de Fev às 10:08 
WOW, your map is actually insanely good. dont know if its really balanced tho ^_^
a lot of OP spots and one-way drops. it sure makes it interestingly challenging :D