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Cernunnos - Halloween Special 💀🎃 [Quadruple launch coaster]
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Cernunnos - Halloween Special 💀🎃 [Quadruple launch coaster]

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Cernunnos (the horned one) was a Celtic god who was honored in Gaul and Britain. He was in charge of the fauna, flora, agriculture, prosperity, abundance and the underworld. Celebrate with me Samonios, the Celtic New Year! What we know better today as Halloween. Take a seat in this Quadruple launch coaster and experience the powers of Cernunnos god. Have fun, but be careful!

This blueprint contains the Quadruple launch coaster, the station, decoration, a shop and toilet.

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Cernunnos is part of my sixth mega park 'Pixel Continents Park' with the earth as main subject. It will not be a copy of existing buildings, monuments or attractions, but the feeling and atmosphere of every part of the world. More informatiom ▸

★ PixelWess89 placement instructions ★
Use ground level to place the ride in your own park, hide red and delete after placing. Use the helping path-signs to place the path correctly.

Please note, this blueprint contains no terraforming, you will have to edit the terrain yourself so that the coaster travels well through the underworld.
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SmilingGal 31 de Out às 11:49 
Holy Moly!!! Love the name! ;D Great job! Happy Halloween & Blessed Be! :D