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GK RailTrain
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13 de Jul às 7:01
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GK RailTrain

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A really big rail and a train hovering on it.
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15 comentários
ZeroGravitas 25 de Jul às 7:15 
Hey, are you going to be submitting this to this week's community core stream, for the developers to see and show?: https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/community-core-submit.19714/
redstones563 20 de Jul às 12:30 
seyidemir52 20 de Jul às 6:28 
Za'atar 19 de Jul às 22:26 
Tested it out, and the system can work even without being anchored whilst in creative mode. It merely requires blocks placed on the bottom to prevent it from falling over, and the only negative side effects are that any push may disrupt the rail (albeit less likely the more supports and weight you add) and that you drift down the rail where there is a hill. My only advice is to NOT un-anchor stations, or the train may drift away before you can load everything.
Very good work overall.
cosmic lemon-Nades 19 de Jul às 18:44 
when we advance to far
stephen.gedlinske 18 de Jul às 14:48 
Hinrich2012 18 de Jul às 3:11 
omnom409 18 de Jul às 2:19 
i like trains
alfie_wm2 17 de Jul às 22:47 
stephen.gedlinske 17 de Jul às 18:58 
i really should have thaught of that