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Airship Dragoon
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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Publicado em:
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19 Set, 2013 às 7:17
26 Jan, 2016 às 19:42

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Airship Dragoon Updated To 1.4.8 Realism Mod Released
Airship Dragoon Realism Mod Preview And Summer Sale
Data de lançamento: Available: Released September 17th 2013
Conquer the super-continent of Pangea with an invasion of Airships!
Battle Dastardly Pirate Insurgents!
Keep the locals happy or else they will be revolting!

Turn-based Steampunk squad tactical combat and global strategy with emergent gameplay.

2 massive strategic campaigns featuring resource, technology and population management.
Campaigns are randomized on creation for infinite replayability.
Single Battle Mode for getting straight into tactical action.
No two games are ever the same.

20 battlefields, each with randomized deployment.
5 types of environment with environmental modifiers.
3 types of battlefield objectives.
4 types of weather to affect visibility.

5 Ai campaign stratagies.
Enemy Ai with 11 different combat tactics.
7 classes of troops, each with 4 upgrades of weapons/equipment.
Troops have unique attributes which are upgraded with 10 levels of experience - if they survive long enough.

6 playable Steampunk factions:
Austro-Hungarian Empire,
British Royalists,
Chinese Dynasty,
Peoples Collective,
US Republic,
Zulu Nation.

YorkshireRifles ... One Bloke ... In His Bedroom ... Making Indie Games ...
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10 Mai, 2014 às 6:34
1 Jul, 2014 às 13:34
Linux Support?
12 Jun, 2014 às 4:58
Fixing issues before Greenlit?
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207 comentários
*budd* 15 Ago, 2014 às 19:22 
so i wont be able to sprint and sneak in the same turn..ever. I think it would increase the tactical elements if you could switch modes as points allow in your turn.
Steve_Yorkshire  [autor] 15 Ago, 2014 às 17:27 
Sorting out achievements at the moment. Movement modes are selected at the start of the turn, your choice depends on accuracy, spotting, etc. It's a tactical element.
*budd* 15 Ago, 2014 às 17:24 
middle of august...any update on steam integration. Anything info on whats getting added? My biggest thing is being able to change movement modes during turn.
mbpopolano24 29 Jul, 2014 às 16:49 
Thank you
Steve_Yorkshire  [autor] 29 Jul, 2014 às 15:55 
Hopefully August :)
mbpopolano24 27 Jul, 2014 às 4:06 
ETA for Steam?
dickpick 29 Jun, 2014 às 15:11 
i'm kina really into this game!
*budd* 27 Jun, 2014 às 19:49 
thx for the update, I probably should of posted it here but i did post some feedback at the airship thread at grogheads.
Chobo Co 24 Jun, 2014 às 20:38 
great game
Steve_Yorkshire  [autor] 15 Jun, 2014 às 7:55 
*budd*, terrain mod will be available in the next update.

As for the requests they were a mixture of aesthetic (more troop models, mountainous terrain now has a more wintery look) and functional(wounded troops are now displayed on the map with a unique icon so that they are easier to find and rescue, reloading can now be done via a hotkey rather than opening the inventory, pirates don't upgrade as fast in the main campaign, core veterans troops pool is larger for both campaigns). I'm always open to suggestions.