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Watcher of Samsara - v4.0
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Watcher of Samsara - v4.0

As an intense, independent studio, we decided to launch the Early Access Season first to gather feedback to improve our game. Please contact us for bug reports, suggestion, and discussions. Thank you for participating Early Asscee Season of Watcher of Samsara!

We Have Launched a Performance Tracking Feature in collaboration with [Dota Mind] APP.
Please download APP from the following QR Code.

-Email Address:
-Discord <font color="gold">NEW: </font>

-Draw Summon Scrolls of Heroes and Soldiers.
-Summon warriors to defend the invasion of monsters.
-Exploring the collocation of your army to activate their potential.
-Arm your warriors with valuable items to enhance your military power.
-Keep the number of leaks under the warning line by killing the wandering escaped monsters.

-How to upgrade the Star Level of Heroes?
“You can either use a Summon Scroll of the same Hero or summon a specified Retinue to upgrade his/her Star Level.”

-How to upgrade the Star Level of Soldiers?
“Soldiers can consume another placed tower of the same type or the same Summon Scroll in their inventories for Star experience. (Chaotic Golem can consume Blight Soul and Granite Golem as well)”

-How to cooperate with your teammates?
“You can share your items with your teammates by placing them on the Shared Area.”

-How to move my Towers?
“You can find Boots of Travel and Town Portal Scroll in shop.”

ZARD、 铅灰、 XAVIER、 空力使、 野码、 K.O.B.E、 DAVE哥、 席巴哥、 卿瑞、 婉婉、 安琥珀
And many other players that helped us!

-English: HakunaZ []
-Russian: DryMind

无双、 DEMON、 Ninja 、正航 、 龙骑哥、界明 、panda 、M.Reak、 斯内克、 阿成、 果皮、 喜乐

Thank You for Playing Watcher of Samsara!
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Enlighten Me, What Does the Tool Tip on The Key Mean?
10 de Abr às 4:47
DC and unable to connect after patch 7.29
8 de Fev às 11:04
unable to find server for the past 2 hours
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1,172 comentários
Λhn-ji-ang 5 de Mai às 11:37 
cant use item after dota got some update.. pls fix it ^^
DeathMage 5 de Mai às 4:13 
Can fix forge spirit skill tooltip? it just shows remove % without telling the mechanics and also I am not sure is the mechanics is working or not
DeathMage 5 de Mai às 4:12 
How is this comment section have no reply feature?
5upport life choose me 1 de Mai às 17:49 
pls fix this, i got round 950+ with 1000 - 2000 point :( that waste my 3 hours. this is happen many time.
Greeeeen 29 de Abr às 16:34 
got only + 0 on round 400+ .

The money game. lol
GS161 24 de Abr às 6:18 
Ну как так, ливнуть можно в любое время, но если не принял игру БАН на час!!!!:steamthumbsdown:
Elnino09 20 de Abr às 5:46 
попробуйте очистить кеш загрузок и повторно войти в Steam. и убедитесь, что вы не вводите пароль в своем холле.
Irbis 20 de Abr às 1:36 
я не могу зайти в игру не вижу лобби и в мое лобби никто не входит в чем проблема?
Aunty Mage 11 de Abr às 16:29 
there's a bug where it won't let you buy soul crystal recipes even after round 10. Reached round 16 and still, it wasn't available. Was having fun zzzz
Rip el Risitas 10 de Abr às 8:01 
u guys are retarded , new patches break ALL the custom games , give the devs some time jesus