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8BitMMO explore world
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World of 8BitMMO so huge, have a lot telepads and hidden areas. Current guide contain mod for best exploring and main world maps with telepad markers
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Transparent mod
This mod make some game blocks transparent. It just texture pack but helps in overcoming obstacle course and mazes.

  • Transparent water only: Download[drive.google.com]

  • Transparent water and walls: Download[drive.google.com]

  • Original pack: Download[drive.google.com]

How to install:
  • Go to run (Win+R) and type in "%appdata%/8BitMMO/Clients/2f4a8472/"
  • Make backup or rename original HTMudWeb.zip file if you need
  • Copy downloaded HTMudWeb.zip file to this folder
  • Restart game
World maps with telepads
Open fullsize map[drive.google.com]

Open fullsize map[drive.google.com]
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2 comentários
RobbyZ  [desenvolvedor] 27 Nov, 2019 às 16:03 
The world maps are really cool :D
Mercury 19 Abr, 2019 às 10:34 
dang, wish i had this resource when writing the full reward blocks guide haha