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Randi's Christmas Mod
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Randi's Christmas Mod

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Randi’s Christmas Mod

Mod ID: 1199589888
Stackable mod

Christmas fun! Also included is a handy ladder for all your building and decorating needs.
Just walk right up the step ladder no need to press E to climb.

What's New
changed the all the baby animals to set the levels to scale with difficulty level settings of the server/game
Fixed Santa so he can be picked up

Fixed snowy argent costume
dimmed the lamppost brightness
Fixed Gingerbread foundation collision
changed the shinehorn baby to set the levels to scale with difficulty level

Added new content:
10 New Christmas songs(see song list below)
New Large Christmas Tree with snow(and the option to remove the snow)
Ornaments to decorate new tree
Sphere of blinking christmas lights(large, medium and small) for lighting up trees.
Lamp post with a candle
Outdoor fire pit and stone bench
Christmas Costumes for Dinos(Argent, Rex, Equus and Rock Drake) - see below for more details.
New Christmas Shinehorn you can get from Santa's gifts.
More basic Christmas gift box decorations to place
Created Manticore Armor with stats of desert cloth and flak combined.(found in gifts from Santa)
A new larger and taller ladder decorating up high

Updates and changes to existing:
Separated the animals gifts so you can choose the animal you like.
Created new armor gifts that include a complete set of the armor you choose(fur, hide, cloth, flak, desert and manticore)
Removed some weapons and added chainsaw to Santa's weapon gift set
Remade the otter into the Sea Ice otter hoping to fix the problem with the baby starving.
Updated the wolf, saber and polar bear with the new models/improvements from TLC packages.
Renamed and added folders of the Christmas tree crafting station

Christmas Tree - also the "crafting table"
Santa, sleigh and reindeer
Gifts to place around tree
Snow for the ground
Snow for the ground that makes it snow! (Note: Try to use sparingly. One block creates a nice snow storm in a biug area)
Gingerbread house you can build
Ice House and Snow house you can build
candy for your gingerbread house decorating
Icicles to add to edges
Candy canes
Bells (bump into to play Carol of Bells)
And much more!

Christmas Gifts you open

Note: Don't eat these treats too fast. Wait for the animation to end.

- Use the Christmas Tree to craft the "Gifts from Santa" cookies and chocolates and eat them to call Santa.
- Santa will drop off your gift where you eat the treat.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie:A gift with 2 weapons(Sword, Longneck, Crossbow, Harpoon, Machine Pistol, Machine Shotgun, Sniper and more)
2. Reindeer Cookie: A red egg that hatches a baby flying Red-nosed reindeer
3. Wolf Sugar Cookie: A golden egg that hatches a baby Tundra Wolf
4. Polar Bear Cookie: A golden egg that hatches a baby Polar Bear
5. Cat Sugar Cookie: A golden egg that hatches a baby Snow Sabertooth
6. Hyena Cookie: A silver egg that hatches a baby Kodiak Hyaenodon
7. Horse Cookie: A silver egg the hatches a baby Yukon Equus
8. Reindeer Gingerbread Cookie: A silver egg that hatches a baby reindeer(not flying)
9. Grinch Cookie: A bronze egg that hatches a baby Lil' Grinch(green monkey)
10. Mouse Cookie: A bronze egg that hatches a baby Pepperment Jerboa
11. Otter Cookie: A bronze egg that hatches a baby Sea Ice Otter
12. Goat Cookie: A bronze egg that hatches a baby Christmas Shinhorn
13. Snowball Cookie: A complete fur armor set. (some pieces may be a blueprint)
14. Christmas Jello: A complete flak armor set (some pieces may be blueprint)
15. Mince Pie: A complete set of cloth armor (some pieces may be blueprint)
16. Christmas Brownie: A complete set of hide armor (some pieces may be blueprint)
17. Thumbprint Cookie: A complete set of manticore armor (some pieces may be blueprint)
18. Peppermint Kiss Cookie: A complete set of desert armor (some pieces may be blueprint)

Christmas Eggs
You get these from the Gifts from Santa above.
Drop your egg to see what level your baby will be. Pick it up again it you wish to hatch it later.
They incubate at any temperature but the babies will need the same care to raise as their normal verions in Ark.
Be careful once you pick the egg up again because you can eat it.

Babies for each egg color:
Bronze Egg - Peppermint Jerboa, Sea Ice Otter, Christmas Shinehorn or a Little Grinch
Silver Egg - Reindeer(females milkable), Yukon Equus, or a Kodiak Hyaenodon
Golden Egg - Tundra Direwolf, Snow Sabertooth or a Polar Direbear
Red Egg - Flying Red-nosed Reindeer(females milkable)

Note: The Reindeer uses the Megaloceros saddles.

Grandma's Stove
Christmas Foods to eat. Some have positive buffs too. Try them all and enjoy!
Roasted Turkey
Honey Glazed Ham
Christmas Pudding
Spiked Eggnog
Hot Chocolate
Multekrem - Norweigian Dessert
Panettone - Italian Sweet Bread
Pompe Al'huile - French Pastry, Thirteenth Dessert
Pumpkin Pie
Weihnachtsstollen (Stollen) - German Christmas Fruit Cake
Candy Canes
Christmas Cookies

Harvestable Plants
Eat the harvest or use them in recipes in Grandma's Stove.
Cocoa bean Tree
Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Christmas Skins
Santa Hat skin for your hat
Santa Hat Dino Skin to skin dino saddles so they can wear a Santa hat too.
Top Hat Skin for your hat
Reindeer costume for your Megaloceros

Dino Costumes
Christmas Rock Drake Costume - makes your rock drake green and red and adds a santa hat
Santa Hat only for a Rock Drake
Snowy Argent Costume - Makes your argent white and blue with a santa hat
Santa hat only for Argent
Christmas Rex Costume - makes your rex red and green with a santa hat
Tuxedo Rex Costume - makes your rex white and black with a top hat and bow tie
Santa hat only for your rex
Top hat only for your rex
Candy Cane Equus Costume - makes your equus white and red with a santa hat.
Santa hat only for your equus

Gramophone Music Player
Plays 6 songs, Press E to Start or Stop the music. Stop and Restart will choose another song.

Christmas Music list - (almost) All Creative Commons license

God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen by Jon Sayles
A Ukulele For Christmas Lee Rosevere
Deck the Halls (brass arrangement) by Michel Rondeau
Carol of the Bells by Michel Rondeau
Ding Dong Merrily on High [For Mixed Chorus, Harp, and Cello - Salamon] by Ping
O' Holy Night - author unknown
Sugar Plum Fairies - Kevin MacLeod
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem by Kevin MacLeod
We Wish you a Merry Christmas - United State Marine Band

**10 new songs listed below**
Jingle Bells by Kidsongs
Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano
Frosty the Snowman by Jimmy Durante
Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry
Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee
Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms
A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives

Note on songs: I'd like to keep to all non-copyrighted or CC licensed only.
If you know of a good song that fits this I can add it.

Ark Server Hosting in case you'd like to host your own server:

Spawn Codes here:

I would like to add people's screen shots if you wish to share send to
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Christmas Gifts / Christmas Magic Costs
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SRsage Há 17 horas 
More than likely it was forgetting to learn the engram first. Thanks
RandiLadyWolf  [autor] Há 20 horas 
Hi SRsage, it should be in your inventory. You might need to learn the engram first. Other than that, I'm not sure why it wouldn't show up in your crafting inventory.
SRsage 16 de Ago às 9:59 
Where do you craft the Crafting Tree for all of these items? It doesn't seem to appear in the crafting section of the player inventory screen. Does it require the smithy or fabricator?
RandiLadyWolf  [autor] 9 de Jan às 16:00 
Hi CplHickz, if its not on the website, I probably didn't get to listing them...sorry. It's just the boring side of modding and I'm bad at keeping up with it. There is a way to look at the mod files on your own computer to see the names of all the items. You can use that to spawn in stuff. Its a hassle I know...sorry.
CplHickz 9 de Jan às 11:55 
Hi Randi, I'm looking through the spawn codes, specifically looking for codes for the Ice House and snow house, and am not finding them. I'm probably overlooking them. Could you point me in the right direction? Thx.
DOAGEN 23 Dez, 2018 às 11:59 
Yes Randi, Merry Christmas to you! THe mod has been a success on our servers.
RandiLadyWolf  [autor] 23 Dez, 2018 às 11:21 
Thank you :D Merry Christmas to you too.:steamhappy:
Zadira 23 Dez, 2018 às 10:25 
Our Mystic Mayhem group wants to say a huge thank you to Randi for making this mod. This is the second year we have used it and it just makes our Ark Christmas so much more fun. Merry Christmas Randi!!
RandiLadyWolf  [autor] 22 Dez, 2018 às 21:33 
nope sorry none remain
Tarzan 22 Dez, 2018 às 16:25 
When you get rid of the mod after christmas do the hatched dino from the eggs stay?