Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
Momonga Pinball Adventures
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1 września 2012 o 12:52
28 maja 2014 o 11:25
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Momonga now available on iOS!
Thanks and happy holidays!
Data wydania: 2013
A little flying squirrel takes on the forces of evil. It's time to roll!

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a crossover between pinball and an action-adventure game. You play through handcrafted 3D levels, to rescue your friends from the claws of the owl bandits. Dash through obstacles, defeat enemies. Team up with unexpected allies, and defeat the rogue general Kuton.

  • Sparkling 3D visuals
  • 9 hand-crafted levels with secret rooms, designed with love
  • Help Momo save his friends and restore balance to the world
  • Steam version will include extra content, PC interface and HD visuals

The game will soon be out on iOS and Android, and will be ported to PC/Mac/Linux if there is enough support. Upvote and Favorite the game to get it Greenlighted!

For more info check out http://www.paladinstudios.com
And for the latest developments check out the dev blog: http://www.paladinstudios.com/blog

Derk / Paladin Studios
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3 grudnia 2015 o 6:41
hi see good out
17 sierpnia 2014 o 11:01
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Ryvucz 17 lutego 2016 o 22:52 
No Steam release, check App stores and Microsft's store for this.
Larumpa 7 stycznia 2016 o 0:36 
is this game dead for steam ?
WRobN 30 września 2014 o 18:51 
Is this dead? It still isnt on steam...
Alystair | Barcraft.com 28 sierpnia 2014 o 18:14 
Looks cute but the music is a bit jarring/annoying. I'd play this given a much more relaxed / less harsh soundtrack similar to normal pinball tables.
Cyberbrickmaster86 15 czerwca 2014 o 15:47 
I played this on iOS and it's pretty good. But if you're going to release this on PC and Wii U, may I suggest increasing the resolution and maybe adding a few new tracks? It's just that on the mobile versions it looks a bit pixelated, and there's really only one song in game!
ricardocasama 29 maja 2014 o 4:33 
Add spanish language, please.
Kamek 28 maja 2014 o 20:04 
Reminds me of Gradius II, from NES
fuck sprint tmloboiel merger 28 maja 2014 o 17:05 
mns can be nuts hehe
ACWraith 28 maja 2014 o 11:45 
Gratz! :fhappy: