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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
30 stycznia 2017 o 10:22
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New Video + Updated Images!
New Video

Some people seem to think that QuadraDigger is a port of a mobile game, so I busted out my gamepad and whipped up a video this morning to show off some high-level playing :) It's the second video in the media bar, or, if you prefer YouTube:

Quadradigger - Q&A, Grandmaster-Level Gameplay

The truth is, this game works great for both desktop and mobile platforms, so we made it for both! On my laptop, it's fun to play longer games, crank the difficulty level all the way up, and push my reflexes to the limit. It's also nice to chill out with some friends and play some co-op. On my morning commute, it's a pretty ideal game for killing some time as I wait for the train.

That being said, this Greenlight page is obviously for desktop versions only, so let's have a conversation about that :)

Newer Screenshots

I've also replaced and updated this page's screenshots with 1280x720 fullscreen images without the control overlay to avoid confusion. The reason it was present before was, honestly, I think it looks cool to help my controls light up as I play - but it pushes the misconception that this is a mobile port, so it's gone!

You've probably noticed how much empty space there is on the left and right sides of the screen. This is something I want to fix by adding additional metrics, achievements, and possibly moving notifications to the side. The game is vertical by nature which makes things difficult, so I'll keep tossing some ideas around.

Feature Discussions

If you'd like to see more desktop-specific features in this game, I've created a discussion thread here:

Desktop Version Changes / Features

Feedback is important and we take it very seriously, so if you have any suggestions, concerns, or notice any glaring errors or omissions, that's the place to put it. I'm addressing all issues directly as fast as I can, so you'll likely see a response quickly.

Thanks, hope that clears some things up :)
-- Simon

Data wydania: April 28th 2017

After one year of development, QuadraDigger is nearly finished and we're pushing to get it on Steam!

Get ready for an explosive new take on the classic falling-blocks genre! QuadraDigger is a frenetic game of speed and strategy with exciting new mechanics to tax your reflexes and improvisation. Armed with sticky, nitroglycerine-infused blocks, you have a single goal: Blast your way to the center of the Earth! Adept placement will be rewarded with compound explosions and massive points.

Push your skills to the limit with sadistic difficulty levels, multiple game modes, and multiplayer with up to 4 players!

QuadraDigger is a rotating block puzzle game with two themes: playing FAST and BLOWING STUFF UP. Your goal is to dig using your blocks as ammo. Clear a massive amount of blocks in a single chunk to cause massive damage!

Unlike similar games in this genre, your blocks will not fall down, they can be moved in any direction, and they can be stuck to anything on the side or from below. There's a catch, though: the pit is rising slowly and if you run out of room for more blocks, it's game over. The game also does not stop while clearing blocks, so you'd better not take any breaks to watch the carnage if your plan is to win. After you've won, savor your victory by watching the replay at 4x speed!

This game features multiple game modes:

  • Micro-manage your blocks in a confined space in the bite-sized Micro Pit Mode
  • Enjoy the slower turn-based gameplay of Classic Mode
  • Chill out and relax with low-gravity Lunar Mode
  • See how long you can last in Time Survival Mode

Also, rumors exist of a mode so difficult that not even the developers could conquer it. Do you have what it takes?

QuadraDigger was designed for mobile devices alongside its PC ports – that’s why the UI is designed for portrait mode. Don’t worry, the game is fully capable of running full-screen if you’re playing on your desktop.

Would you like to play QuadraDigger today? We’re offering mobile beta keys until February 6th, 11:59pm PST Click here to join the beta now! []

Currently, the desktop ports of QuadraDigger have a few extra features compared to the mobile version:

  • Manic local cooperative multiplayer for almost all game modes.
  • Gamepad support.

We want to make this list much bigger once the game is greenlit for Steam. Here are some of the extra features we'd like to tackle:

  • Achievements
  • 2-4 player competitive modes
  • Landscape mode UI for desktop ports + wide tablets
  • "Puzzle Mode" with hand-made levels
  • Custom theme packs
  • Online replay sharing
  • Global online scoreboards

  • Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSQUAD) [] for all their support, awesome community, hard work, and rockin' live events.
  • Miles for putting up with my manic work schedule for many years.
  • Emily for all her help and encouragement in bringing QuadraDigger to life.
  • Lang for all his awesome content that I still can't put into a game :(
  • CJ for his dedication to Baroque Creations, QuadraDigger, and his contributions to the game's vision.
  • My wife Hayley for supporting me while I hack video games all day every day for years and years.

I think that's about it.

Toss us a vote and, with any luck, you'll see QuadraDigger online in three months!

-- Simon
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10 lutego 2017 o 14:11
Desktop Version Changes / Features
Baroque Creations
< >
Komentarzy: 25
The GDWC 10 lutego 2017 o 4:18 
it's awesome to see a team that does proper changes to the game based on the platform, instead of submitting their mobile game directly onto Steam!

We are running the Game Development World Championship and would like to see you participate. It's good for your visibility and won't cost you a penny.

You can check it out at .

Good luck with the development!
emwellspdx 1 lutego 2017 o 20:55 
Ummm... I would play this game on PC or mobile. Love it! Really like all the different modes you can play, micro mode is one of my faves.
Baroque Creations  [autor] 1 lutego 2017 o 10:51 
@azirphaeli Awesome, thanks :)
azirphaeli 1 lutego 2017 o 7:35 
I like your honesty, and this is far from the worst gae I've seen. I'll give you a chance.
Soulareus Interactive 31 stycznia 2017 o 20:17 
This game is fun. I played it once. I thought it looked like tetris until I played it. it feels completely different, it's totally it's own thing. It feels destructive and satisfying. It feels more like an action game than a puzzle game to me.
Baroque Creations  [autor] 31 stycznia 2017 o 14:41 
@ಠ_ಠ Exil - No ads for QuadraDigger, for any version, ever. I hate ads. I'd rather have zero revenue than put a single ad in the game.
Baroque Creations  [autor] 31 stycznia 2017 o 13:30 
@azirphaeli @papafle @Dragon A lot of people have brought this topic up, so I hope that video clarifies some things. I've started a discussion page for this issue - any criticism or suggestions is very welcome there! I take feedback very seriously and chances are I'll fix what you mention (unless it's something huge like "make this an MMO" :P).

Desktop Version Changes / Features

-- Simon
Baroque Creations  [autor] 31 stycznia 2017 o 13:28 
@azirphaeli @papafle @Dragon No, QuadraDigger is not a mobile port. I whipped up a video this morning with gameplay footage and commentary to address this directly.

QuadraDigger - Q&A, Grandmaster-Level Gameplay

(I also added the video to the Greenlight page - it's the second one.)

TLDW: The game works great for both platforms, so I developed it for Desktop and Mobile in parallel. The Desktop version offers multiplayer, *much* tighter mechanics, and there's potential for some exclusive / competitive game modes if there's enough demand for it. The Mobile version is great for shorter games during my morning commute, although it plays much better with a gamepad - I doubt you'll see Grandmaster mode unlocked on a phone ;)

One thing I forgot to mention is that the UI is still a bit sparse when playing fullscreen. That's something I'd like to fix.
azirphaeli 31 stycznia 2017 o 9:27 
Mobile port, downvote.
ಠ_ಠ Exil 31 stycznia 2017 o 2:57 
Eh, I can find similar games on Mobile and then for free (actual free - no ads) on ArmorGames. No thanks.