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Christmas Tree
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Christmas Tree

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W 2 kolekcjach stworzonych przez discrepancyOk
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DS Christmas Tree
a mod by Discrepancy

version: 2

Build a decorated Christmas Pine/Conifer Tree in your town.
It will give happiness in spirit (like a Chapel) to all citizens. They will also idle at the tree.

The tree sits on a 5x5 footprint.
The tree is centered and apart from the center tile, all others are road build-able tiles.
There are 6 'F'-key variants = 2 tree heights + variants of: 'no presents under the tree' and 'presents under the tree'.

You will find it available from the 'Services' menu.
cost: 5 Logs + 21 work

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Komentarzy: 9
Tadoké Is N Aint 17 grudnia 2017 o 0:25 
Yup, these certainly do make ppl happier. Not me though, ppl just idling around the tree in the middle of harsh winter. "GET inside ya froze up bunts!" :D
Crystal Rose 5 lutego 2017 o 7:47 
Excellent mod! Good Luck with this and all your future endeavors.
Enfuego 2 lutego 2017 o 17:25 
Love it
Ihmislehma 25 grudnia 2016 o 21:10 
First off, I love your mods. I have several in my game, and they have definitely enhanced my gameplay.
Now, I do have a question: Would you consider helping me with a simple modification to the game? I tried to do this on my own, I got as far as getting it to work as intended when running the developer game with the ref command. But the steps after that fail, inevitably. All I'm trying to do is make a small change to both Hard and Medium game start condition, adding seeds and livestock to both.
I completely understand if you can't/won't help me for whatever reason (or even completely ignore this message and leave it unanswered).
justinsane11 18 grudnia 2016 o 8:13 
what do you do like cut them down every spring and plant new ones? or are they just grown and and you just leave 'em up year round?
Goat 9 grudnia 2016 o 3:12 
oh yeah I love festive mods!
trcole1984 29 listopada 2016 o 18:08 
towns look awesome now!!!
Monte Plays Games 26 listopada 2016 o 16:49 
Very nice:dwayneelf:
Old Lady 23 listopada 2016 o 16:53 
Our towns will look better, many thanks :steamhappy: