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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, French
Players: Single-player
24 października 2016 o 1:18
8 stycznia 2018 o 3:56

Wyświetl Initiation w sklepie

Strona w sklepie
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Working hard on pushing this project forward
Mac Version is available
You are going to stroll along with this small creature while it is discovering new emotions. Each of these emotions, closely tied to a color, will make the creature and the world evolve altogether. Distress, fear, melancholy, but also joy and wonder will be on your route during this perilous journey. Be careful with the choice you make, it will always entail consequences bad or good ones.

The Project
Initiation is a 2D Platformer created by a team working a new way in the conception of video games. This project is for us the way of sharing a life experience within a world of cartoons and colorful graphics. The tools of this media are used (interactivity, music, artistic direction) to interact with you, the gamers.

Key Features :
- A demo is available in the first level. Be tempted by the experience.
- Smooth movements, interactions with the universe and different endings possible.
- A creature with touching body expressions and an improbable companion with uncertain motives
- Immersive and moving music
- A mysterious and consistent universe
- A success system allowing you to know what hasn’t been discovered yet.
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2 listopada 2016 o 0:43
Venez discuter avec nous
8 listopada 2016 o 23:14
Come talk with us
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Komentarzy: 53
Bisoux  [autor] 31 października 2017 o 15:48 
Sure mate. I senn all the paperwork. I'm waiting for there approval
Fwaluigi 29 października 2017 o 14:20 
will the game still launch even with the death of greenlight?
Bisoux  [autor] 10 listopada 2016 o 12:06 
You do not sign up. Just go to our website and download whatever build you need
AnimeFreak0710 8 listopada 2016 o 13:07 
Came here from 9gag, been following you guys since the beginning. I'd LOVE to test the beta of this game, where do I sign up?
Sr. Motumbo 7 listopada 2016 o 12:12 
I came from 9gag and I wish you luck
DBRIZOV 4 listopada 2016 o 1:40 
Good luck:steamhappy:
Lokthey 3 listopada 2016 o 12:45 
It does remind me of Never Alone.
Bisoux  [autor] 3 listopada 2016 o 4:22 
Hey Blank. I send you a friend request. I'd like to talk about your problem. See if there is anything I can do about it.

Also, I'd like to thank all of you for your incredible support. You guys are the best
Nummy Mushi 3 listopada 2016 o 1:48 
Was very curious to try out this game, unfortunately the game seems to freeze follow by a crash when it goes to the loading screen right after I select 'Start' :(
Jacknif 2 listopada 2016 o 15:53 
De tout coeur avec vous !:steamhappy: