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Capitalism Currency
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Capitalism Currency

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Installation requirement
All the other Capitalism mods require this mod, so you need to run it first. BUT it's not required at first position in your whole list. Mod is 100% stackable.

ModID: 747539326
- Commited updates of Capitalism mods
- Global gus.ini settings
- Bank gus.ini settings
- LootSystem game.ini settings
- Spawn Code
- Script Commands

Compatible modular mods
This mod is meant to be a basis dependency for following trading mods.
- Capitalism Props Table [ModID: 771279262]
- Capitalism Research Table [ModID: 775049557]
- Capitalism Admin Table [ModID: 784166441]
- Capitalism NPC Trader [ModID: 873746971]
- Capitalism Player Trader [ModID: 873749349]
- Capitalism Bounty Hunter [ModID: 898472628]

Mesh for Glory Coin and mesh for buildable Coin Bag, which is indestructible but can be removed via looting it's content.

Additional Content
Capitalism Bank
This mod packages also includes the Capitalism Bank package, which comes with a small box you can build to access the banking interface.

Capitalism Loot System
An enhanced buff based loot system is also included in this mod package. Possible settings can be found here. This system allows you to setup multiple specific loot tables for every dino type. In addition to that, this implementation works much more stable than the predecessor DinoLoot, which was altering the dino base classes on the server and client file system. Now this is no longer necessary, since every dino gets a loot buff attached which handles death events and the correct loot tables.

Spawn in (improved) loot crates
If you wish, that Glory Coins should also spawn in loot crates, have look into this discussions:
- PrimalArk maps
- Caves PrimalArk maps
- ScorchedEarth maps
- Caves ScorchedEarth maps

Bulk admin commands for ACM
bulk commands

A big thank you to all my supporters, bug reporters and especially to Sassar, TreeZenDE, Thorwal and Blaze for your financial, hardware and skill support, as well as my patreon supporters Matthew, LadyMourg and Toooni, thank you very much :D

If you like my work and want to support further development or just to spend me a coffee please

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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urbanlamb 17 godz. temu 
I had the old lootsystem working (sort of) as well ^^, but i saw that this new one works by not altering any files so I thought this would be better. It does appear to work better.

I was going so suggest that maybe put a "reset" button on the pot to restart the pot script since it does for whatever reason not always work correctly the first time. A bit fancier then picking up the pot and replacing it.

Also for me the pot spawned without a server restart. There is a delay in placing it, but I think this is just server stuff and ping and all that fun stuff.

@Impulse and @Xena your welcome :D
Osid 17 godz. temu 
This is so weird I'm still using the old obsolete dino loot mod and it works fine for me. maybe because I only give loot for alphas and bosses not normal dinos. but I'm just leaving it there cuz if it aint broke don't fix it ya kno..
Xena 19 godz. temu 
Yes.. I agree. The kill all wild dinos is not absolutely necessary. Eventually new spawns with coin will replace old spawns that dont.

I did it to see immediate effect of placing the lootsystem structure. Dinos existing before placing the loot pot will have no coins but will have usual vanilla loot. I did not want them to give me a false result if my code was good or no good.

The wild dino kill made it certain that all new dinos spawns would have coin loot added in them as defined by my code. I could immediately hunt them to verify my code is working properly.
Impulse  [autor] 19 godz. temu 
@Xena, i'll add this to the LootSystem discussion, that the LootSystem has to be placed ^^

The kill all wild dinos should not be necessary, it will iterate all dinos regardless of this commant ;)
That the LootSystem cannot be placed immediately is a new behaviour, or at least i didn't know that until now xD
Xena 20 godz. temu 
@urbanlamb. Thank you for the important clue that helped me get my code working. In order to make the dinos drop coins you must spawn in the lootsystem structure. You can have the greatest code in your game.ini but it will not work unless you place the lootsystem structure somewhere in the game.

admincheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/747539326/LootSystem/PrimalItemStructure_LootSystem.PrimalItemStructure_LootSystem'" 1 0 0

It looks like a pot of gold coins in your inventory. The lootsystem structure will not place down immediately after spawning. You must shutdown the game and restart. Then you can place the lootsystem structure into the game map.

Then you must do an admin command to kill all wild dinos. The new dinos will have glory coins inside when they are killed.

@Impulse... I recommend you emphasize in the Lootsystem discussion page that the lootsystem structure must be placed in the game to make the lootsystem game.ini code become activated.
k†ll 21 godz. temu this is our settings
k†ll 22 godz. temu 
@Impulse, thank you for responding. We try to test on the lines with a list of dinos, we think maybe a problem with some particular dinosaur that interrupts the reading of the code.
Impulse  [autor] 23 godz. temu 
Yeah something seems to keep stucking:
Testmap is Scorched on Linux Server... I'll have to investigate that further. Maybe some strange behaviour with stasised dinos again...
Impulse  [autor] 23 godz. temu 
@k†ll, I'll test your settings on my testserver too. Could you put it into e. g. pastebin for the future? ;)
Impulse  [autor] 23 godz. temu 
@urbanlamb, good to know! I need more reports like that ^^