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Garry's Mod

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TTT Homerun Bat
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Type: Weapon, Addon
Tags: Fun, Realism
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20 marca 2016 o 2:58
27 stycznia o 9:02
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TTT Homerun Bat

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W 2 kolekcjach stworzonych przez Hagen | Gamefreak
Gamefreak Server
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This Addon only works for the "Trouble in Terrorist Town"-Gamemode. This weapon will not show up in sandbox mode.

Its a HomeRun Bat, you guess what it does. If you hit a Player ist loses 1 Ammo and he will fly away instantly.
Only loses Ammo If you hit someone.
It also deals Damage.

Type: Equip 2
Ammo: 4/4

All model Credits go to him. I agree to remove this item if the Author or Valve wishes to.
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22 lipca o 20:37
Hagen | Gamefreak
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Komentarzy: 10
-|TheVinz-| 16 czerwca 2017 o 13:42 
Yes, I tried this tutorial but unfortunately does not work, but thank you for the help
Hagen | Gamefreak  [autor] 15 czerwca 2017 o 23:43 
There are a few addons for advanced bots on the internet, but I use the standard bots.
-|TheVinz-| 15 czerwca 2017 o 23:22 
Really? It's because I saw a video on youtube and yours here too, that you were with semi-intelligent bots, then I tried to follow a tutorial on the internet but I did it, anyway if you can, teach it as if by these bots?
Hagen | Gamefreak  [autor] 14 czerwca 2017 o 23:47 
just "bot" without the quotation marks in the server konsole. But remember that your MaxPlayers should be > 1
-|TheVinz-| 14 czerwca 2017 o 22:39 
Hello can I ask you something? How you put bot's in TTT? I already tried but doesn't work
Hagen | Gamefreak  [autor] 13 maja 2017 o 14:18 
Weil ich keine Lust auf so etwas habe, wenn euch ein Item nicht passt dann benutzt es nicht.
76561198106129502 13 maja 2017 o 12:57 
"Einfach auf 2 schläge ändern und es ist nicht mehr op."

Da versteht's wieder einer nicht.

Wieso hast du alle Kommentare gelöscht?
[D.SS]Phoenixmeister 13 maja 2017 o 11:59 
Braucht jeder TTT Server :P <3. Einfach auf 2 schläge ändern und es ist nicht mehr op. <3
Hagen | Gamefreak  [autor] 14 grudnia 2016 o 6:48 
I removed the throwing as you can see in the patch notes. I will look up the error tho
▓▒░Fappy McFaperson░▒ 13 grudnia 2016 o 20:45 
Throwing the bat doesn't work (Like shown in the video) Also, I get an error with the timer on line 168. I can send the error code if you want