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More Squad Size Upgrades - WotC
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More Squad Size Upgrades - WotC

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Adds two new upgrades, 'Squad Size III' and 'Squad Size IV', allowing you to bring up to 8 soldiers per fight when fully upgraded.

For a version that doesn't require War of the Chosen, see here

Now supports Robojumper's Squad Select! In the Mod Config Menu options, set "Squad Select UI" to "Compatibility Mode"

Squad Size III: costs 125 supply, requires 'Major' rank
Squad Size IV: costs 200 supply, requires 'Colonel' rank

Also shrinks the size of the unit-selection boxes so they all fit on the screen. It should still be compatible with mods like "ShowMeTheSkills" or "Upgrade Reminder".

All of this can be customized using Mod Config Menu.

Fully localized to all languages. Won't disable achievements. Probably won't work with other squad-size mods.


Supports Mod Config Menu!

Classes Overridden (why do I care?):

The source code for all my mods can be found on GitHub[github.com][/i]
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16 stycznia 2017 o 16:49
PRZYPIĘTE: Where is the .ini file?
18 lipca 2019 o 8:31
soldiers not centered
2 grudnia 2017 o 8:10
Localization strings for the MCM menu
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時處暑 27 lutego o 23:00 
videogamerlink 26 lutego o 0:58 
@Maliwan116 I modified the setting in the mod's config directly versus the created config files in Documents/my games/XCOM 2 War of the Chosen/XComGame/Config/. Just wanted to confirm that changing the value to the same value you set for robojumper's Squad Select worked for me and I thank you for posting. It saved me retaining this mod in my collection.
LightenedDark 25 stycznia o 12:10 
I know the mod author hasn't responded in 9 pages and a year and a half, but having this mod allow another 2 squad upgrades would be great... :)
Maliwan116 27 grudnia 2019 o 20:13 
@jpod this is probably due to the fact that the Documents\my games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Config\XComMSSU_Settings.ini has a setting for max soldiers set to 4 by default. I changed this to reflect what is selected for robojumper's mod and it seems to be working. I haven't messed with it enough to know if robojumper's mod is still handling default squad size or if this mod is after editing the ini.
jpod 25 grudnia 2019 o 15:36 
So the compatibility selection does not work. I also have robojumper activated. Started a new campaign and all went well until I got to the first mission after entering sky ranger. Even with compatibility it will only allow 4 units in the mission, went to deactivate the mod and still it was just 4 units. I proceed to unsub from this mod and it fixed it as I now have all 10 units.
Dragon32 13 listopada 2019 o 9:43 
Not this mod alone, I've used it with squads of eight troopers. I've fought off a Chose assault and assaulted Chosen strongholds but haven't had an Avenger defence mission.
flango 13 listopada 2019 o 8:43 
Also crashed on the Avenger Defence intro, possibly because of this mod.
flango 13 listopada 2019 o 7:28 
Crashes at mission intro when using more than 6 soldiers (Hunter stronghold to be exact)
Layn 12 listopada 2019 o 10:29 
How can I edit the vanilla upgrades? I wanted to put the Size I for squaddies and Size II for sargents.
Dragon32 16 października 2019 o 15:26 
Are you running the Highlander mod and Allow For Larger Squads (or have edited the Highlander .ini yourself)?

There's only room for 9 people on the standard deployment square, the Highlander allows for it to be increased. That could cause that glitch