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Sector 13
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9 grudnia 2015 o 6:23
25 stycznia 2016 o 9:16
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Sector 13 is Greenlit!
Sector 13 Breaks the Top 30
Data wydania: first quarter 2017

Sector 13 is 3rd-person starfighter combat. Personalized weapon load outs and a huge variety of starfighters give you the ability to optimize your war machine to your preferred play style. Intuitive controls make it easy to navigate around and through the natural and man-made obstacles in Sector 13's stellar arenas.

Sector 13 combines the adrenaline-fueled action of games like Halo and Quake 3 Arena with the combat flight mechanics from games like Starfox and Crimson Skies.

  • 16-player competitive & cooperative multiplayer
  • 25+ unique, playable starfighters
  • Dozens of customizable hardpoint weapon configurations
  • 12+ densely-populated arenas
  • 4 different game modes:
    - Blow Up All the Things (Classic Deathmatch)
    - Corporate Wars (Team Deathmatch)
    - Capture the Flightpod
    - Bury the Ace (Regicide)

Sector 13 is a space sim without being a hardcore simulator. The arenas are stylized versions of outer space densely populated with huge, mined-out asteroids, sprawling space stations and under-construction capital starships. This is a fast-paced action shooter with lots of things to fly around and through, with a simplicity of controls that makes players at any skill level feel like a badass starfighter jockey on day one. No slogging through huge manuals to learn how to play, no indecipherable keyboard control diagrams. Just pure, simple, get-in get-out multiplayer deathmatch in space.

It wouldn't be a space combat game without ship customization. There are tons of offensive and defensive hardpoints that allow you to tweak the weapons load-outs, performance characteristics and abilities of your starfighter. Flying a heavily-shielded beast of a bomber that could use a little more afterburner juice? Strap on an extra fuel pod. Feel like your cluster missiles would be happier punching holes in targets with their big brothers? Sling a pair of area-nukes under your wings for some extra firepower.

Humanity has expanded beyond the stars.

Worlds once apart are now connected by the phenomenon of foldspace. Government and industry feed on the never-sated desire to expand borders and push limits. New life and new technology: today's dreams are tomorrow's truths. This is the golden age of exploration and expanding horizons.

Yet, there is still war.

Beyond the Great Rift lies the newest of humanity's conquests. These virgin territories promise wealth in unrivaled quantities. The multi-sector entity that is the Galactic ConFederacy designated this region as Sector 13, placing it under its military protectorate, and ultimately, its control. But against all standard directives, the Galactic ConFederacy also invoked the first full-sector charter for corporate action within this region. Any and all industries were given the legal right to claim land and space within Sector 13.

Nations had none.

This tumultuous rush for resources and lack of government muddied the legal aspects of fair play, and as industries multiplied, so did the acts of violence. The deployment of highly-skilled combat units into Sector 13 was soon as commonplace as other commercial ventures. Industries became syndicates to protect their interests and increase their cost-effectiveness. Not only was Sector 13 a new region for settlement, but few elsewhere could produce with such quality and at such a budget, whole worlds sometimes functioning as nothing more than factories for the production of a handful of products. It was a laissez-faire system realized, something the known galaxy had previously never experienced.

The perfect free market.

Wealth and influence have shifted a thousand times in Sector 13. Now it is held by the Great Four: the Daetrexx, the Magnarri, the Ourobine, and the DrakCon. These are megacorporations carried by a trillion souls.

This is their Sector. This is their war.
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javierucu 9 lutego 2016 o 2:06 
hi, I think this project looks fantastic.Nice cover. This kind of games are exciting. Now i´m finishing the soundtrack in other game and it would be great to work beside such a promising team. I think my music could fit well in your project. You could listen some of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA7fQzZ9gUU What do you think? my email is: cga.sound@gmail.com Thank you. Good Job.
Schwarzberg 29 stycznia 2016 o 8:27 
It's Cool !
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reminds me of a old pc game forsaken
just for lulz 28 grudnia 2015 o 9:19 
yeeee, its cool)
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