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G27 config for OMSI2 & ETS2
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G27 Config from "A" to "Z"
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download latast v. Gaming Software G27
in game menu:
Config G27 #1 (create profile)
open "Logitech Gaming Software" and click "profile" > "new"

click by browse & add Omsi_exe. file which in directory > :\Steam\SteamApps\common\OMSI 2

double click at Omsi exe.
at window choose icon and click.

Config G27 #2 (FFB)
so now we have omsi profile, but need to set buttons, config sensitivity & FFB options.

1) make as you see at pic (don't forget click OK)

2) make as you see at pic (don't forget click OK)

now click "options" > "global device settings" and set as in pic (don't forget click OK)

OK! FFB is ready!

config G27 #3 (sensitivity)
1) sensitivity "brake"

(don't forget click OK) :D:

2) sensitivity "wheel"

sensitivity is ready!
config G27 #4 (selecting keystroke)
just example ...

then you should choose which button where u wish ;)
WORNING! this profile, not for Sim Racing! (I planed to make tutorial for Sim Racing later)
GL & Sorry for my "original" english :P

also I recommend you;
1) uncheck > "scan for new games"
2) for old games like RBR or NR 2003 check > "apply persistent profile" (OMSI not need it)

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XSotosXRockstar 27 listopada 2019 o 7:51 
anyone can help me to set up my g29 w gearbox pls <3 thanks
Char 2 listopada 2019 o 12:43 
My G27 Works very well. When i ought it last year i used this guide and i haven't had any faults since.
so if your complaining yours wont work then you have either done something wrong o have a faulty wheel.
cubs197 14 października 2018 o 17:52 
One VERY important part that needs to be added to this guide: If it still doesn't work when you follow this guide, press the "K" key on your keyboard, that will likely make it work. Hope this helps everyone.
Christopher 31 lipca 2017 o 11:58 
@SergeantStoneUK i already had that but it still jams it (i got the same problem)
DJ Jefferz 18 czerwca 2017 o 8:12 
Still doesn't work.. Completely outdated!
Jimmy 8 czerwca 2017 o 16:01 
Every time i exit the in game menu it forgets my wheel exists
david-jacob.winter 18 marca 2017 o 14:24 
Kann you make a tutorial how to set everything up for ETS2 multiplayer becouse there i have a problem.
Lewisja1 11 lutego 2017 o 9:40 
Does anyone have the issue where when the G27 wheel is turned a small amount, it makes a bigger turn on OMSI?
Is this an issue that can be sorted?
DJ Jefferz 28 października 2016 o 11:01 
I'm having trouble with this set up.. everything works apart for the pedals. any help?
m_.asala 20 marca 2016 o 12:45 
@Farrok You will need to go in OMSI settingss and de-check the hit ai vehicles option in General.