Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Ultimate Guide to Audio Equalizer
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This is an in-depth guide to tweaking your sound equalizer and enhancing your audio in CSGO.
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What is Audio Equalization?
Początkowo opublikowane przez Wikipedia:
In sound recording and reproduction, equalization is the process commonly used to alter the frequency response of an audio system using linear filters. Most hi-fi equipment uses relatively simple filters to make bass and treble adjustments. Graphic and parametric equalizers have much more flexibility in tailoring the frequency content of an audio signal. An equalizer is the circuit or equipment used to achieve equalization.[1][2] Since equalizers, "adjust the amplitude of audio signals at particular frequencies," they are, "in other words, frequency-specific volume knobs."[3]:73

Equalizers are used in recording studios, broadcast studios, and live sound reinforcement to correct the response of microphones, instrument pick-ups, loudspeakers, and hall acoustics.[2] Equalization may also be used to eliminate unwanted sounds, make certain instruments or voices more prominent, enhance particular aspects of an instrument's tone, or combat feedback (howling) in a public address system.[1][2] Equalizers are also used in music production to adjust the timbre of individual instruments by adjusting their frequency content and to fit individual instruments within the overall frequency spectrum of the mix.[3]:73–74

The most common equalizers in music production are parametric, semi-parametric, graphic, peak, and program equalizers.[3]:74 Graphic equalizers are often included in consumer audio equipment and software which plays music on home computers. Parametric equalizers require more expertise than graphic equalizers, and they can provide more specific compensation or alteration around a chosen frequency. This may be used in order to remove (or to create) a resonance, for instance.
What is an Equalizer?
Basically, a digital equalizer is a software/program that lets you alter frequencies to achieve your desired output. A basically Equalizer should usually come with your Soundcard Driver (Realtek, etc.), if you don't have one, you can download one from the internet.

This is how a normal 20-Band equalizer looks like:

What are sound frequencies?
You can read the following articles to get a general idea of what this guide is about (if you don't already know):

This guide will only focus on the settings best suited for CSGO.
CSGO Sound Frequencies
AK-47 Gunshot:

C4 Final Beep:

C4 Plant Sound:


Jumping & Falling:

Knife Swing:

M4A4-S Gunshot:

P2000 Gunshot:

Radio Voice:

Bullet Ricochet:

Audio Optimization
Based on the information presented above, this how you should configure your Equalizer for optimum experience:

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Komentarzy: 45
Irealy 1 czerwca 2018 o 6:02 
MaCzO 10 października 2017 o 10:19 
How to set my options ?
Legendary Al™ 7 czerwca 2017 o 8:28 
could you show me how to do that on the astro a50 command center? It's not that wide and I have no idea what I'm doing.
Risky 20 kwietnia 2017 o 18:33 
what software is that ? how can i see what sounds my games are producing ?
d3xtr0 15 marca 2017 o 0:50 
Don't but any non-asynchronous USB DACs. Oppo Digital is the only company offering one worth buying. Asus unixonar driver supported cards are the best for low latency and low DPCLAT.

that is really the only USB DAC worth buying. Made by a brand-name company it would be at least 2-5x the price. The DAC chip itself is worth over 100 USD inside it.

It is also asynchronous, so it does not have as much latency as all other non-async usb soundcards. rule of thumb: if it's not oppo and it's USB it sucks unless it cost over 1000 USD.
d3xtr0 15 marca 2017 o 0:45 
HRTF is stereo, it is just more advanced. You do not need a soundcard for it. Humans hear in stereo, or "binaurally"; this exploits the aggregate high-frequency cancellation that occurs in the cartilage that allows humans to perceive location and distance. It, in theor, should be far more accurate that any other mode - including 5.1 or 7.1 setups no matter how well done.
GreatCorn 12 marca 2017 o 8:02 
did i understand right? if i buy asus soundcard u7 and turn it on and pick option "stereo" and in cs go turn "HRTF" sounds will be work as it use to be? i need soundcard for HRTF
White boy 789 24 września 2016 o 9:50 
theres no defuse sound guide
d3xtr0 17 sierpnia 2016 o 17:20 
Russian B, if you know your headphones FR curve, you might not need to do most of this. Surround virtualisation will cause DPClat spikes of over 100 us on even very high OC systems.
d3xtr0 17 sierpnia 2016 o 17:19 
below is an eq