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Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
3 marca 2015 o 20:54
26 stycznia 2016 o 19:42

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Looking for Gamma Testers and Wiki Editors
Entering Final Stages of Development for 2.0

I've had a few people contact me elsewhere and they are like. "What are you doing with that game Chronoclysm?". To which I've been sayin "Working on it pretty much this very moment and every waking moment".

I have been devoting my being to development. Seriously I think many people would tell me I'm working on it too much at like 12 hrs a day. I've been diagnosed with PTSD (may have mentioned can't remember, gives context) and have been having a whole host of problems so I've been focusing on development to help with some of my anxiety.

Anyways not that I need you guys to be my psychiatrist. I'm just a bit of an odd ball is all. So I have been hard at work just so wrapped up I haven't been saying too much. (Though I've posted here and there but nothing official, what are you guys? Scavenger hunters?)

Now for what I've been working on.

Before I even entered Chronoclysm into the greenlight process it was available elsewhere as v1.0. During the greenlight process I entered into a publishing agreement that I will discuss another time and is for something non steam related. During this time a new 2.0 version was conceived and put in motion. Originally I was just trying to get 1.0 onto the greenlight but with the new agreement I felt confident in shooting for a bit meatier game.

2.0 is 1.0 but fleshed out a bit more. These are the major initial features

1.X Features

-3 Classes with 1 style each
-8 Single player Challenges
-7 Multiplayer head 2 head Arenas, 1 Hazard Layout
-6 Arena Victory Options
-5 Arena Class Select Options

I wrote out the long version first but I know how impatient people can be. So the list of 2.0 additions is up here. Below is a bit more of an explanation of what I've done.

2.0 Features (In addition to the above)

-3 classes(total) with 4 styles each
-3 Co-op Survival mode maps
-2 levels per map
-3 bosses added
-11 minor baddies
-11 Survival Trophies
-40 items
-3 new head 2 head arenas
-Secondary hazard layouts added as well as no hazard option. (fox only, final destination and what not)
-Equipment to flavor classes
-Health (no longer a 1 hit game)
-Mage rework
-Builder rework
-4 Status effects / elements

The very first focus on 2.0 was a co-op mode. I had dabbled in some manner of dungeon exploration concepts and a few other ideas. But I'm happy to say I've added a survival mode in.

In the challenges you are 1 player trying to accomplish a set task. Break targets, destroy statues etc. The survival mode is a more fleshed out and persistent concept. Where you defend the crystal against incoming waves of baddies. You can play it single player or co-op. There are 3 maps with 2 levels each and an infinite mode that lets you play a combined version of the 2 levels forever. In this mode you will be put up against 11 different minor baddies designed to work together to mess up the crystal. Each second level ends with a confrontation with a much more challenging big baddie.

If the baddies reach the crystal it initiates a recall. After a brief period the round restarts and you choose your class again. This time your previous incarnation is there to help you with the baddies. When you successfully defend against a wave you have a few moments to gather the currency strewn about and on to shopping and the next wave. Until finally you reach the end or face the big baddie.

Perhaps the biggest addition to this has been items. I've taken the original concept of knight / mage / builder and given them spices in the form of equipment.

Each class has two unique equipment slots. As well as a host of other available inventory. With the mage for example their equipment spots are their tome and medallion.

Equip the homing spell tome and suddenly the magic missiles begin their life by tracking briefly in on the nearest enemy. Equip the beam medallion and the magic missile suddenly instantly shoots out striking the closest enemy. The wave tome will allow the shot to bounce once off a wall and go through enemies. Finally the multi medallion creates extra shots on impact. By combining the medallions and tomes you can get even more effects. Homing beams and multi waves.

The knight and builder have items that let you flavor their gameplay as well. Such as blink strike for the knight and remote bombs for the builder.

These items come in the survival mode between waves in a rogue like manner. Presented with a small pool of the 40+ items.

For the multiplayer arena I've added these items via drafts. Where before beginning you and your opponents can pick from a pool of items in a variety of manners. Solo Draft presents each player with their own unique pool. Open pick gives everyone a much bigger pool to all choose for. Mirror draft everyone shares the chosen items. As well as several more modes.

Some of the best moments in my life have come from just sitting around playing some multiplayer game with friends. I've tried to create something that is easy to have fun with and that you can personalize to your taste. Instead of locking options down or putting up paywalls I've really tried to make this a tool for fun. All I want is to create something that makes it easy to bring people together for a good time. There are solo things so people can get a feel on their own but can jump into a multiplayer game and have a laugh with the chaos. If I can earn enough then to pay for more therapy and living expenses then we all win.

I've rewritten the movement code and controller code as well. There were a few issues before and I'm hoping that people will have an easier time getting Xbox and Playstation controllers working.

The mage has had a minor overhaul. Originally they were supposed to be a counter to the builder and weak to the knight. In an effort to not have the knight be wimpy I made him too powerful. The mage had range but fired too slowly. If the mage was able to fire more though it became stupid chaotic. So I've given them a pool of shots. You can fire 3 in a row with a 0.66sec cooldown to restock. So long as you have some you can fire without cooldown. But if you deplete to 0 you have to wait an additional 1 second before the 0.66 second timer begins. So by depleting you have a noticeably gap. Firing with 1 shot will again add the second cooldown. Making the mage more bursty overall.

The builder rework involves changes to their bombs. It's minor but they can now knock bombs forward with their hammer. Their own and other teams. However the bombs can also be pushed into the water now.

I'm going to be preparing a trailer for this stuff as well but you know... so busy! I know a portion of you just want this information in bleepy moving pictures. I'm getting there!

It's closer and closer all the time. I've closed the door on content though and it's time to get to polishing and testing! I'm really hoping for a fall release. So yes the game was supposed to be out by now but I hope you guys enjoy the added content even if there was a wait.

Thanks so much guys! This is a freakin dream come true for me and I am so excited to deliver this to you all.

Data wydania: March 1 2015
Time compresses in this paradox battle arena.
Gameplay consists of short quick paced action rounds. Each one echos forward. Every missile summoned, bridge built, bomb laid, or sword slashed plays out again. Unless you stop it.

Round after round the battle builds up. Selecting a new class to utilize in the fight for victory.

3 Classes balanced against each other.
  • Mage for a balance between mobility and offensive capability.
  • Builder with superb movement, environment altering capabilities and master of unusual tactics.
  • Knight slow lumbering death. Best keep your distance. Able to close the gap in a pinch

2 Game Modes.

I. Arena Battle
  • 2-4 Player Local Multiplayer
  • 6 Victory Conditions Including Survival, Death Match, Capture the flag and more.
  • 7 Arenas with unique hazards.
  • 4 Class Selection Modes
  • Many other options to customize the battle including: friendly fire, round length, and quick select.

II. Challenges
  • Single Player
  • 8 unlockable challenges with individual satisfactory and exceeded conditions.
  • 2 general and 2 solo challenges for each class.
  • Creatures, stages and conditions separate from the arena.
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22 lipca 2015 o 22:25
How about a translation to Portuguese (Brazil)?
18 kwietnia 2015 o 7:20
Controller Input and Speeding up the Game
9 kwietnia 2015 o 11:02
What should be included in the next patch?
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Komentarzy: 83
Hippyshake 4 listopada 2015 o 9:24 
Good to see an update and that you're still alive and working on this. Cheers!
surger1  [autor] 23 kwietnia 2015 o 17:02 
Hey Gorbovsky. Not yet. I suppose I should really do I write up about my plans to keep you guys in the loop.

Essentially I have a queue of work to do, I've entered into some agreements and the next major release of Chronoclysm needs a bit of coordination. Right now the major focus is adding a new mode of gameplay and then it's on to some integration stuff.

I'm just one guy with literally $0 budget to do this. Everything is out of pocket (aka Hobo dev). So I've got a fair amount on my plate right now all things considered. But wrapping up dev on some of these features.

thanks for asking! I will post a more formal announcement soon.
Gorbovsky 22 kwietnia 2015 o 2:19 
Hello surger1. Any news about steam relasedate ?
Hyo 13 kwietnia 2015 o 21:06 
I love this game, can't wait to see what else you add to it ♥
surger1  [autor] 13 kwietnia 2015 o 16:07 
:D OMG THANKS!!! WE DID IT!!!! Well now onto the next phase. More to come in a bit!
geckosandcereal 13 kwietnia 2015 o 8:15 
Gave it vote. Good Luck!
Le pas✞eur 12 kwietnia 2015 o 20:15 
The images of the game are good and the drive is very representative , also the opportunity to play only solo arcade style enhances the interest ... Highlights are colors that do not break the eyes, originality that differs from traditional games, thinking , dexterity and the ability to play very quiet solo. (This gives it a longer life ) . Also at each stage of the game the degree of difficulty increases which keeps the taste of insight and success for the story. To me this seems to be a good game Constructive Criticism . Turn the French language for me if possible :) ) Regards
surger1  [autor] 12 kwietnia 2015 o 20:07 
Apology accepted. No worries, I understood some people wouldn't like it. though I appreciate you taking the time to write that out. Thank you, that was very nice.
lovulol 12 kwietnia 2015 o 12:12 
Xero 11 kwietnia 2015 o 20:31 
Nice Work, i love Pixel Style, :3 is a Yes for me.