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Garry's Mod

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WATCH_DOGS: Aiden Pearce Playermodel
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4 sierpnia 2014 o 5:19
3 maja 2015 o 5:31
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WATCH_DOGS: Aiden Pearce Playermodel

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Ultimate Player Pack
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Aiden Pearce (also known as The Vigilante and The Fox by citizens and the media) is the protagonist of Watch Dogs. He is a highly skilled grey hat hacker who has access to the ctOS of Chicago using a highly specialized device, the Profiler, to which Clara Lille later adds more capabilities. Because his actions led to a family tragedy, Aiden has taken to a personal crusade against the powers that be. His obsession with security, surveillance, and control borders on the paranoid and dangerous, extending to monitoring his own family (unbeknownst to them).
  • Player Model
  • Hands
  • Mask bodygroup
  • TTT Compatible Hitboxes

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Models and textures: Ubisoft Montreal
Porting, rigging and compiling: Voikanaa

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Komentarzy: 638
Fear & Loathing 25 maja o 23:22 
Can you make him blinking? Or just make his eyes moving, or make both o this! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, please
Obvious Scout Main 19 czerwca 2018 o 11:46 
he has a constant trumatzed stare in his eyes. Probably after he did those weird hallunication crap with the mad max and terminators.
ps1 hagrid 4 kwietnia 2018 o 21:02 
does anyone else think he kinda looks like nicolas cage
💜Purple💜 17 grudnia 2017 o 3:47 
He looks like hes having Vietnam flashback or something.
Nosh TRADEIT.GG 29 listopada 2017 o 5:08 
im i the only one who is scared of hes eyes?
Arturosl_08 19 września 2017 o 10:19 
Good mod, but i don't know where i get aiden pearce with mask or scarf or what is it .
Spy SCP-049 18 sierpnia 2017 o 12:30 
PLZ make marcus holloway (watch dogs 2 character)
Spam 7 sierpnia 2017 o 10:20 
Can you make me with a bodygrouping mask?
Reaper 30 lipca 2017 o 14:56 
can u update it were u can customize his coat with different colors?
Julian_F 12 lipca 2017 o 18:16 
He looks like he saw a ghost, Jesus.