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Colored Decals: The Completed Edition
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-UPDATE- Photo Badges and Clan Prides work again ! The method is a bit more complicated, however.

Decal Tools are pretty cheap nowadays, so it's the perfect time to give all those decalable items (Four) the gift of color.

This guide will explain how to get colored decals on Objectors, Flairs, Photo Badges and Clan Prides.
You're gonna have to mess with files, so get ready.

But will other people see it in game ?
Of ♥♥♥♥ing course, would this guide be here otherwise ?
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Grab the Files
You can get allt he files for the old methods at .

Once downloaded, drag the fullcolor folder to tf/custom.

Your path should be tf/custom/fullcolor/the stuff inside.

not tf/custom/the stuff inside, don't be an idiot.

For the new dynamic decal patcher, look at .

(The readme for the patcher is at )
Conscientious Objector - Easy Mode
This is the easiest item to colorize, and it's probably been covered in a few other guides, but I'll include it for completeness' sake.

Go into your fullcolor folder, and in it, navigate to scripts, then items, then custom_texture_blend_layers.

Files! These images correspond to the decals that'll make it on your items.
Each decal must be a 128x128 .png image.

For the Objector, the file you want to edit is paper_overlay.jpg.
That's the sweater anime girl in the files you downloaded.

Open it up in paint or your image editor of choice, and put whatever you want instead, as long as the size stays 128x128.
Once that's all done and saved, launch TF2, and apply your decal to the objector as you normally would.

Choose as a picture the paper_overlay you made. (It doesn't actually change anything for objectors, but flairs and others act weird if you don't pick the same image.)

Choosing a different picture from your hard drive changes nothing, so be sure the paper_overlay you made is the picture you want on your objector.

You should see your objector appear, with a fully colored image on it!
Click next to apply it, and it just works.

(Image source:
Flair - Medium Mode
Flairs aren't that different from Objectors, but there's a small subtlety people often miss.

Go into your fullcolor folder, and in it, navigate to scripts, then items, then custom_texture_blend_layers.

For the Flair, the file you want to edit is flair_template_guide.png.
It's Alf!

Just like the objector, edit that with a picture editor.
Anything's fair game, as long as the image stays 128x128.
Once that's all done and saved, launch TF2, and apply your decal to the flair.
Choose the flair_template_overlay as the picture, and...

I never asked for this.

This trumps a lot of people, but the very simple fix here is to drag the little marker all the way to the left. If this doesn't work, try switching color palettes as well.
Click next, and go wear your masterpiece.

Clan Pride and Photo Badge (and technically all the others) - New Method !
Thanks to cool dude unnamed10, we've got a new ♥♥♥♥ing revolutionary method to color-decal all items - including Clan Pride and Photo Badges !

The original reddit thread, for good measure :

The tool can be found at this page :
Read the instructions on the page, it has everything you need.

if you don't want to, here's a quick recap :
This tool patches dynamically your tf2 executable to remove the color filtering.
You're gonna get your ♥♥♥ VAC'd otherwise.


As long as you stay in the TF2 main menu while doing this, nothing wrong can happen.
VAC is only active when connected to a game server.
Of course, once done with the patching, CLOSE THE GAME BEFORE PLAYING AGAIN.

The patcher only operates temporarily, so closing and reopening the game will put you back into a VAC-free state.


Just open TF2 in the main menu, and launch the patcher.
After inputting the path to your image, all should go well as seen below :

Afterwards, just open your inventory and apply a decal tool to your item.
No matter which image option you choose, it should show the image you picked in the patcher earlier, in incredible technicolor.

This method can be used for all decalable items, so if it works for you, go wild.
I can't do it! :(
Well you're pretty bad m8
Let's check over a quick list to make sure you did it well:

  • Is your image the correct resolution? It must be 128x128 pixels large!
  • Did you restart tf2?
  • Is it in the correct folder? (It must be tf2/custom/randomname/scripts, NOT tf2/custom/scripts)
  • If you get an old image to show up while applying the decal, try disabling steam cloud.
  • Game crashes usually come from an incorrect image. Images must be 128x128 pngs.
  • If it's still a no-go, remember that the dynamic patcher is known to not work properly on some machines. Not much can be done.

If you still can't do it, I can apply the decal for you, at a fare of 2 ref per item. Just add me and we'll work it out.
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Wandering Hermit Crab | 12 czerwca o 19:50 
It works! Thanks!
EggzBenedict 11 czerwca o 16:54 
Patcher not working, says it finds the image, does not give me an error message, and still in a scale in the game, please help, and thanks.
Ro 11 czerwca o 12:30 
whenever I do the last method it crashes the game. Many others have requested help, but nobody's responded to them. could you maybe, oh i don't know, actually help them? Or at least try?
_UnAnImOuS_ 11 czerwca o 1:04 
yeah whenever i try to do this it closes the game. at first it works, but when i press use with... then the conscientious objector, then it closes tf2. do you think you can do it for me?
NooberGamer 9 czerwca o 22:33 
Thanks Mate.
Mask the Merc 8 czerwca o 20:38 
Hey I have 2 ref and a decal I really want to put on an objector, could you plz do it for me?
Difegue  [autor] 8 czerwca o 9:43 
That's your graphics card dying.

Decals can't be animated they're dumb static textures stored on valve's servers and the patch only makes it so you can upload colored textures

NooberGamer 7 czerwca o 21:45 
Hey mate, the patch looks it doesn't work. I saw the Decals are Glitching alot whenever i towards any person had a decal. The Decal looks like Glitching to back and fourth.

Please respond.
Difegue  [autor] 2 czerwca o 6:53 
following the guide.

I should remove the VAC mention, it makes everyone piss their pants for no reason.
[OoT] ☭Tacos?☭ 2 czerwca o 6:45 
is there a way i co do this without risking a VAC ban?