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Police Victoria for Unturned (Unity 2017/2018 LTS)
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Asset Type: Vehicle
Vehicle Type: 4 Wheels
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17 listopada 2019 o 2:44
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Police Victoria for Unturned (Unity 2017/2018 LTS)

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This workshop item was made for mostly Roleplay servers, where it can function as a normal patrol car.


Victoria [ID: 37431]

This workshop item is not permitted to be reuploaded, only under the account: Lakmejrup.
Any stealing or reupload will result in a DMCA takedown.
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Komentarzy: 8
Lakmejrup  [autor] 3 grudnia 2019 o 9:54 
I'm not gonna do it for this model, but i will for future ones.
computorhed 29 listopada 2019 o 23:55 
Can you make vanilla spawn tables?
Lakmejrup  [autor] 25 listopada 2019 o 4:01 
Yeah sure!
Elliot 24 listopada 2019 o 14:26 
Can you make an unmaked version of police Crown Vic?
Lakmejrup  [autor] 22 listopada 2019 o 13:48 
Yeah i know, it's very simple and i wanted it to keep that way. You could say it's an alternative to the vanilla Police car. But i will start making more detailed mods in the future.
MagicHero 22 listopada 2019 o 9:35 
Simple model, does the job beautifully. Great work!

Would be even cooler if it had a custom siren sound, but hey, we can't have everything in life right?
Joako 17 listopada 2019 o 17:39 
Malviyn 17 listopada 2019 o 4:42