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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
5 listopada 2013 o 7:00
12 czerwca 2017 o 16:43

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Formicide Progress
Formicide Alpha Demo v0.19 Released
  • Removed energy and alt fires from most classes to streamline gameplay.
  • New feature: the mystery box! Mystery boxes are spawned at mega powerpads, and contain mega powerups when destroyed.
  • Multikills and kill streaks!
  • Dirt particle effects when dirt is destroyed.
  • Vastly improved game handling of poor network conditions.

Read the full changenotes at http://formicide.net!

Data wydania: 2015
"Formicide could be a massive hit." -@TheRealIndie

Download the Formicide alpha demo for free: http://www.formicide.net/download.php

Online ant warfare just got classier.

Formicide is an intense, 2D, fast-paced multiplayer platformer featuring bloodthirsty ants. Think Worms meets Team Fortress 2. Choose a class and face off with teammates against enemies in destructible environments.

  • Online multiplayer. Blow up ants anywhere in the world.
  • Drop-in, drop-out servers. Join up into an in-progress game any time that's convenient for you.
  • Team based objectives. Control point beacons with your team to win the match.
  • Classes with varied playstyles: The tough soldier, the cloaking hunter, the chaotic fire ant, and more.
  • Unique environments. Swelter in the desert sun, climb through scenic or snowy mountains, or hold your breath with your tiny ant lungs to dive into a coral reef.
  • Destructible terrain. Demolish a path through the ground towards your enemies, or create barricades of dirt for protection!

Why Greenlight?

Formicide is a completely multiplayer experience - and now that we've been Greenlit, we can take advantage of Steam's account and content delivery systems! We believe this will improve Formicide's play experience tremendously, and we can't wait to get things patched up for it.
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Linux Support?
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Okay this is good :steamhappy:
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good good goood better:steamhappy:
Merty 2 września 2015 o 13:48 
please don't kill me
Merty 2 września 2015 o 13:48 
Private Pepperoni 11 czerwca 2015 o 16:29 
idk how steam greenlight works but do you know when you can release this game on steam and what would be your price?
Private Pepperoni 6 marca 2015 o 19:52 
Looking evan better i have been here scince almost the begining we have came a long way!:tradingcard:
GamerQuest 4 lutego 2015 o 17:51 
RockWallGames  [autor] 31 grudnia 2014 o 19:49 
Thanks so much guys!
TrashK 31 grudnia 2014 o 19:42 
found you at /r/indiegame on reddit and glad I did!