Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

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Reanimation - P1 - (Bolt Action Rifle and Idle Animation)
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Reanimation - P1 - (Bolt Action Rifle and Idle Animation)

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This new animation is the part of my MOW: AS 2.5 (mod) but on request, I make it as a separate mod. So it can be used with any other mod, this first part contain bolt action fire animation and assault rifle and smg idle animation.

Special Note:

-For best result and sharpest detail even at low resolution (like 1600x900), try this ReShade []

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Komentarzy: 41
Zero 14 września o 15:58 
its all good i just forgot the "re" is a prefix
Rex  [autor] 3 sierpnia o 11:37 
@tube ça ressemble à teub change the weapon type to SMG or Assault Rifle, it will change the animation according to it, but its not possible for individual weapon, else you have to create new weapon type and then place animation upon it.
tube ça ressemble à teub 3 sierpnia o 11:03 
Can individual weapons be modded into using those animations? I noticed that for exemple the M1 garand uses the bolt action animations, and that some weapons like the Enfield-p17 are not. Iam using the Great war mod which might be the reason.
Rex  [autor] 31 lipca o 2:47 
@suhammoodi Will update it further, was not possible before, now its possible to do so.
@Mat. Peter Neumann Noted.
Mat. Peter Neumann 31 lipca o 2:11 
Yea...great animation but why is he bolting with the left hand? it would be nice if you can fix that,
suhammoodi 31 lipca o 1:30 
Don't get me wrong, this mod is great and the animations really work. I just find it funny that the actual bolt is on the wrong side of the gun. I don't know much about animations, but if it is possible (and not terribly inconvenient), please make the animation work with the model of the gun.
Rex  [autor] 30 lipca o 5:30 
@===-Слесарь-=== Hit like for snake, do comment for animation :cozytf2mug:.
Rex  [autor] 28 lipca o 0:23 
@Pilot Russian not included, its part of my WIP mod, based upon MGS:V.
Waffen - SS 27 lipca o 23:40