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Mount & Blade: Warband

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A Clash of Kings 7.1
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A Clash of Kings 7.1

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A Clash of Kings is a modification, set in the fictional "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe, for the popular Taleworlds game "Mount and Blade: Warband".

Take control of your own destiny in the world of "A Song of Ice and Fire".

Join one of more than twenty different factions, strike out on your own or rebel against your liege in the world of Game of Thrones – or wait for the Targaryen invasion.

Interact with hundreds of new NPC's, equip hundreds of new armor pieces – many of them based on the show.

Fight wights and explore places in both Westeros and Essos, all of it while you try to survive and fight your way to the Iron Throne.


More than a dozen new story driven quests.
Invading factions.
Lore-accurate factions, amongst them The North, The Stormlands, Dorne, the Night's Watch, Volantis and Braavos.
A new sellsword system.
Ocean travel and ship battles.
Hundreds of new scenes.
Hundreds of new, high-quality, armor pieces, shields and weapons.
All new companions.
Hundreds of tweaks and changes.
Completely overhauled terrain.
A massive new world map, spanning Westeros and Essos.
Re-done UI.
Overhauled music and sounds.
Hundreds of new events.
New weapon types.
Semi-locked diplomacy for a lorefull experience.
Thousands of NPC's.
Re-balanced combat.
An incredibly detailed world map with many explorable locations.
Custom dialogue for lords such as Tywin Lannister, Robb Stark and Stannis Baratheon.
Updated shaders and terrain.
Many unique quests, plus new generic quests.

Main thread on the Taleworlds website:

Moddb page:


Moddb Editor's Choice Awards 2017 – Best Adaptation


PCGAMER Mod of the week:

Kotaku article:

Wired article:

Many of the items in A Clash of Kings would not exist without the donations that have enabled me to commision new items. You can become a supporter by clicking this link:
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Komentarzy: 1,213
stephaniefowler 2 godz. temu 
love how you never see the mod maker comment on the stream. must not care for input or bettering his mod or explaining simple questions
alias 19 sierpnia o 10:04 
Loving the whole 'your party lost 75 morale and you lose 10 renown for claiming some feral clansmen's rusty iron swords and dozen ragged hoodies' for yourself (--- to sell off so you can barely afford next week's troop payment). I guess they really wanted those rusty iron swords, huh?
Soldato 19 sierpnia o 9:35 
so many crash or c++ error:lunar2019madpig:
Aguirre 18 sierpnia o 13:05 
It´s sooo good, thanks for this mod!
Драгхун 17 sierpnia o 19:16 
Драгхун#3877 Давай сделаем это вместе)) Сделаем нормальный играбельный русский локализатор, без путаницы и сумасброда. Неоднократно производил русификаторы некоторых модов, и имею понятие как исправлять ошибки, за которые можно сказать спасибо предыдущим авторам русификации.
Драгхун 17 sierpnia o 19:16 
Привет. Я знаком, что большая часть квестов не выполнима из-за неправильного локализатора, но это не проблема!! Могу помочь тебе в прохождении заданий. Я взялся привести в порядок некоторые файлы мода, но проходить все квесты одному, это некомильфо. От тебя всего требуется выслать скриншот путаницы в диалогах мне в дискорд и указать откуда брался русик.
Numbo Bumbo 16 sierpnia o 9:51 
do the sandbox events happen or do you have to do a quest for them to start?
STAMER 16 sierpnia o 0:51 
Wiener, wiener-wiener, wiener-wiener... (OST South Park))
WulfgangKrauser 13 sierpnia o 16:16 
Huge problem in that when I create my new kingdom, regardless of right to rule amount, I am automatically always immediately at war with both the Vale and Qohor. The latter can be dealt with diplomatically, but the Vale won't give me truce, despite it making absolutely no sense whatsoever to be at war with them.
༺ ۣۖ 世界和平 ۣۖ ༻ 7 sierpnia o 8:18