Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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21 lutego 2013 o 11:05
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Guys, please download new version with few new stuff and bug fixes.


Hello guys. I want to show you a remake of CS 1.6 map de_rats_1337.

But this one is little different, you can find here more ways and secret tunnels.

PS: Its recommended to download this map from:
Because there is included edited nav for bots, radar and map overview. (workshop allows only bsp)

Do you want to play it? Look here, servers with this map:

Thanks to original creator of de_rats map for great idea.
Thx to Deamon for assistance :-)
Big thx to Tomobobo for the models. Hope you'll not be angry because I've used them.

Must try! Have Fun

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10 sierpnia 2016 o 8:47
New Bombsite
< >
Komentarzy: 210
why there is a dead in the house .shit !!!!!!!!!!!!
Praaymm 28 kwietnia o 6:20 
CS 1.6 BEST MAP...
BOT Nick 22 marca o 18:53 
yeah and can i have a damn riot shield please!?
Gr0g 3 marca o 16:23 
This brings back so many good memories, but needs a rocket launcher and sachel charges!
iLovetitsXDD 27 lutego o 4:15 
+rep very nice
didowsky;;., 27 lutego o 1:24 
S1ncl4ire| 22 stycznia o 12:21 
hacks kings is hacking on this map
Xorke 16 grudnia 2017 o 3:11 
jack 12 grudnia 2017 o 7:07 
can u replicate the excat

cs 1.6 map "mice"
+ mario
Damn_Its_Cam 19 listopada 2017 o 7:21 
best map ever XD