Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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20 stycznia 2018 o 15:20
28 października 2018 o 18:29
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I'm proud to present my first multi/mini game map for the public to use. This map contains 19 gamemodes, some of which are classic cs community maps, with a little rework:

Bunnyhop, AK Tower, AWP Platforms, Box Fortress, Buy Poolday, Deagle, Glock Headshot, HE Grenades, Moon Knife, P90 Hunting, ScoutzKnivez, Shotgun Showdown, Escape, AWP War, Race, Gangstaz, Battle Royale, Zeus Arena & Plant/Defuse.

Some gamemodes has extra setting buttons, such as headshot only on deagle, team/ffa on battle royale and a few others on other gamemodes.

I'm planning to add more in the next upcoming updates.
This map is mainly focused on shooting gamemodes.

I'm planning to add more in the next upcoming updates.
This map is mainly focused on shooting gamemodes.

Requires Noblock Plugin!
Requires Auto Bunnyhop Plugin!
Set sv_airaccelerate (200 or 400) - I use 400. Gives better turn movement in air.
Set mp_startmoney 16000 in your server configs.
Set mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1 as well.
Add say to your server bspconvar_whitelist.txt
Add sm_cvar to your server bspconvar_whitelist.txt

It has been tested several times, so hopefully we should be clear of bugs.

Q: Can't people who gets to pick the next map just go AFK?
A: No, a safety timer has been added, which autopicks a gamemode if somebody is too slow.


The .bsp mapfile can also be found here:
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Komentarzy: 10
Koga73  [autor] 28 października 2018 o 18:33 
New update released.
Koga73  [autor] 29 sierpnia 2018 o 7:40 
New update released.
Koga73  [autor] 17 marca 2018 o 16:45 
New update released.
Koga73  [autor] 5 marca 2018 o 19:06 
New update released. Let me know if there's any other problems.
Koga73  [autor] 5 marca 2018 o 12:18 
Yeah I've been told, will have a fix ready tonight or tomorrow :MrSnakey:
Z-RAY-Z 5 marca 2018 o 12:14 
In C version triiger_push seems bugged on Shotgun Showdown.
Koga73  [autor] 21 stycznia 2018 o 19:47 
Get to the middle, and press E on a sign
✪ zWired 21 stycznia 2018 o 18:57 
how i choose ?
Koga73  [autor] 21 stycznia 2018 o 8:28 
No problem :CW_Chicka:
⭐Ayrton09⭐💗 21 stycznia 2018 o 8:17 
thank you for upload here, nice map! :woodlehappy: