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Classic Flyers
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Classic Flyers

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Brings back the classic flyers we've all known and love! This mod gives vanilla flyer species back all of their pre-nerf'd stats. Yes, that means they can level speed again.

Mod Id: 895711211

Opprinnelig skrevet av PC Gamer:
restores winged dinos to pre-nerf glory [...] a beacon of hope for those of you who are miserable with the nerfs [read full article here]
Opprinnelig skrevet av slim thicc:
thank the gods for this mod
Opprinnelig skrevet av ODeez Gaming:
Great Mod, [...] it made Ark feel right again!

This mod brings back the original species' stats for the following vanilla dinos (including any already tamed!):
  • Argent
  • Harpagornis (aka pre-TLC argent; does not spawn on its own but can be manually added to spawners if you wish.)
  • Moth
  • Pelas
  • Ptero
  • Quetz (including Tek version)
  • Tapejara
  • Wyverns (Fire, Lightning, and Poison only; ice wyverns NOT supported)
  • Griffin
  • Phoenix
  • Rock Drake

This mod gives core-game/vanilla rideable flyers back their original stats by altering their files, therefore it is incompatible with any other mod which also alters vanilla flyers or their eggs, as one will overwrite the other. This mod cannot affect flyers from other mods, only their mod authors can affect them. Other than mods which alter these files, Classic Flyers is fully stackable. It also adds cleanly and removes cleanly, without losing any of your tamed flyers. Please see the FAQ as well as the list of Compatible/Incompatible Mods for more details.

This mod also adds several new quality-of-life features to these fliers including ground attacks, taunt "attacks", backwards walking, extra taxidermy poses, and allows wyverns to wear saddle skins. It also adds a new Emote: Pet!, as well as a special Wyvern Stone which wyverns can use for a small armor boost. Please see the Features page for more details.

Mod Policy
•By installing and using this mod, you agree to its Policy and Subscription Terms.
•Updates can be seen in the "Change Notes" tab.
•This mod is made to work with the core game and not around other mods. Do not use this mod with other mods which also alter the files of the vanilla flyers or their eggs. See the list of Compatible/Incompatible Mods for more info.
•Don't be an askhole. Please read this mod's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before posting questions or comments and use the appropriate Discussion pages for posting Bug Reports, reporting Compatible/Incompatible Mods, or Server Advertisements.
•No requests. Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it.
•This mod updates on Thursdays (Central Time) and may have multiple updates each Thursday. Critical bug fixes or responses to Vanilla changes may alter this schedule.
•As the mod author, my contribution ends at ensuring the mod works in general. It is not my job to provide tech support for every user who has trouble installing mods or updates on their end. Kindly refer to Google or the ARK Forums for installation/update issues.
•English is the only language used by this mod; no exceptions.
•Posts which fail to follow this policy or which fail to show common courtesy will be deleted without notice.

Help Support This Mod
At the request of several fellow ARK survivors, I've set up a Patreon account[] for players who wish to show their support. Please feel free to visit it if you would like to support my future ARK projects, pick up my next pizza or whatever ;)

I want to give a huge thank you to for sponsoring the Classic Flyers' test server[]. If you are looking to set up a new server or are considering switching over, I highly recommend them. My testing server has always run smoothly and I've been very impressed with their automatic mod updater.

Have fun and always love your fliers!

This mod/code/work/images/name is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []
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2,927 kommentarer 22. juni kl. 8:21 
My perfect tame tapejara will not go unloved. It will go fast, and it will take me to the moon and back.
Ertosi  [skaper] 20. juni kl. 13:49 
If your comments have been removed, it is because they failed to follow mod policy. Read the FAQ before asking questions and post Bug Reports in their proper place.

Answers already posted for common questions will not be repeated here or elsewhere.

Asking "hot topic" questions (Valguero, snow owls, ice wyverns, etc) instead of reading the already posted answers will lead to an immediate comments ban.

Thank you.
TaigongWang 10. juni kl. 10:51 
Ertosi  [skaper] 25. apr. kl. 18:15 
There will be a small update to CF later tonight to catch it up to the latest version of the DevKit. If you would like to test it early, it is available on the Testing Version of CF available here:
Maxanto 23. apr. kl. 14:42 
Just installed a new Olympus map a few weeks ago... added CF to it of course.

Loved it back when it saved the gameplay of this game, love it even more now!
Game on Ertosi!!
Lee_Dassin 14. apr. kl. 17:08 
One of my favourite things in ARK is zooming around the map on my Pteri, the faster the better for me. Thank you so much for bringing back my favourite part of the game <3
The Beard 14. apr. kl. 8:35 
I have this item on my showcase on my profile! Thanks again!
ddc 3. mars kl. 0:51 
thank you
Deucalion 4. feb. kl. 12:52 
This mod is very stable and really helps make our servers fun and unique for our players. I always recommend this mod to all my friends that enjoy ark 10/10!
If anyone is interested in checking out this majestic mod in an online setting, feel free to visit our → Discord ← []or → Website ← []
Snowesome 1. feb. kl. 5:48 
The other features this mod brings to the table make it even better.

- Pelagornis underwater dive
- Phoenix visible after the heat wave
- Wyvern turn faster
- Harpagornis spawn option (Pre-TLC Argentavis)
- Wyvern and Rock Drake breeding