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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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12. sep. 2015 kl. 13:33
27. mai 2016 kl. 16:08
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The lights have turned Green!
Greenlight 2nd day progress update
Lanseringsdato: 2016
What is Skilltrax?

Skilltrax is an arcade driving game with a hint of platforming. Upgrade and fine-tune your car to discover and perform difficult stunts. Unlock new stages and unveil special bonuses.
Skilltrax is in an early stage of development at Chiller Shark Studios located in Finland.
We have a lot of exciting ideas for the game and now we need your thumbs up to reinforce our confidence and to push the project further.


The goal of Skilltrax is to complete numerous stages with the highest score possible. You are rewarded for speed, precision, stunts and exploration. Each stage is themed around different atmospheres in which you are challenged with unusual gravity, water, ice, fire and a multitude of other challenging environments.
Control your car with boosters that tilt your direction, alter speed and orientation.
The controls are fluid and responsive, the most challenging stunts require pinpoint precision.


Here are some highlights of planned and already implemented features:

  • Boosters which enable you to control your vehicle in perform jumps, flips and speed boosts. You will unlock and upgrade skills as you progress in the game. Boosters require fuel which replenishes constantly.

  • Each stage has multiple different objectives which all add up towards a final score calculated upon finishing the stage. Some goals are completed by driving, and others by performing various tasks on foot in order to continue.

  • Multiple unlockable cars with different features, customizable parts and paintjobs.

  • Difficult optional challenges such as SEISMIC ACTIVITY where you get locked in a big area filled with obstacles and puzzles. Lava starts slowly rising up and you'll have to do whatever it takes to get out. Completing such challenges rewards the player with additional bonuses.

  • In addition to progression stage by stage, you'll have access to an open city map where you can drive around, discover secrets and practice your skills.

What's next?

Right now we want to receive comments, criticism and ideas to make Skilltrax a great and enjoyable gaming experience. We don't have an exact release schedule at this point but all bigger updates will be announced and showcased via Greenlight.
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41 kommentarer
Expatriator 4. jan. 2016 kl. 9:10 
I read skrillex...
Kommissar 14. des. 2015 kl. 16:24 
I dont know how how to write a review, but i wrote you a poem

I try as hard to help and serve all as I can
To please everyone for that is who I am
But sometimes what ever I will never be enough
For what people expect of you is just too tough
I know I try with all my heart and soul
I try as hard as I can so why do I fall?
No one seems to care who I really am
I guess people take noone and don’t care a dam
But I’m stupid and on others I wont give up
However much my pathetic life does suck
For if I helped just one in my life then perhaps
I had some reason for being though my life collapse
I long to be loved and just accepted as simply me
But in my head and heart none will value care for me
Grimm  [skaper] 2. nov. 2015 kl. 8:20 
Luke,thank`s for the comments and voting as well =) physics are not truely shown in video unfortunately, but i`d like to guarantee that playing will be fun.. Graphics will be re-generated in our own style.We are working on it,this first version was created for introducing the concept,and gather oppinions about it.. We are truely taken by the interest and all the comments,what ever feedback we have..
Grimm  [skaper] 2. nov. 2015 kl. 8:02 
CanofSpam4U. time trials you mentioned,will be incluted in the game at some stage
Grimm  [skaper] 2. nov. 2015 kl. 7:53 
[RU]SIEx,what you are able to do with cars may still be something different =)
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡shafy 21. sep. 2015 kl. 9:22 
Looks good, voted! :acduck:
Luke 20. sep. 2015 kl. 9:33 
looks fun, just from a single glance it looks like the Unity engine (either 4.6 or 5, the car color selector gave it away) and some assets from the asset store (roads are from Quantum Theory city pack i think). Improve the graphics, the physics, and try to make your own content, then you will be successful, you have my vote :)
YPRPG 15. sep. 2015 kl. 5:28 
A little bit grainy, but good enough for a yes vote.
[RU]StEx 14. sep. 2015 kl. 23:16 
Why should I buy this in world where amazing Stunts was released in 1990. Not to mention to Trackmania series.
CanofSpam4u 14. sep. 2015 kl. 15:02 
i think it would be great to add a level creator and time trials to compete against your friends.