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TLF-28a (LSF CargoShip Mod)
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1. nov. 2014 kl. 10:21
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TLF-28a (LSF CargoShip Mod)

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LSF (Last Standing Faction)
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TLF-28a (Tactical Light Fighter)

Mass: 31,090 kg
Accel: 6.5 sec to max 104.5 m/s
Power Usage: Idle: 6.09% Accel: 53.72%
Block: Light Armor
Variant: TLF (Tactical Light Fighter)
Crew: 1
Date Deployed: 5.25.2057
- Large Reactor (3.50 MW)
- 8 Gyroscopes
- Comm Array (Antennae)
- Ore Detector
- Remote Control
- 2 Spotlights
- 33 Thrusters (sm and lg)
Weapon Systems:
- 2 offset Gatling Guns
- 1 Centered Rocket Launcher

LSF (Last Standing Faction) Cargo Ship Mod
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33 kommentarer
echance01 16. mai 2015 kl. 13:07 
Sage, Just found this ship in exploration mode!
Sagirou 26. mars 2015 kl. 21:43 
Hey sage. Please take a look at and tell me what you think of the Kaguya. It was the first ship I built and it was all in multiplayer survival.
RelicSage  [skaper] 26. mars 2015 kl. 21:34 
You're Welcome :D
Sagirou 26. mars 2015 kl. 21:27 
Kind of weird a specific page link doesnt work but thanks Sage^^_^
RelicSage  [skaper] 26. mars 2015 kl. 21:01 
Sagirou - The link you've posted doesn't work however here is the link to all your workshop items so the public can view them. :D

Sagirou Workshop items
Sagirou 26. mars 2015 kl. 20:54 
By the way, if anyone would like to give their thoughts on some of my stuff ya go.
Sagirou 26. mars 2015 kl. 20:48 
I just realized......age is usually there when he makes these sorry bout that sage.
RelicSage  [skaper] 26. mars 2015 kl. 18:43 
Well it's been a very long month since I last posted anything. I want to apologies in advance, the updates have been slow and i have been busy with work, vacation and life. I've been keeping an eye on keen's updates and I'm quite amazed as to what they've added so far! Oxygen! Hanger Doors! OMG! :D I'll be updating each ship over time and reworking them to make them a little more exciting with the current updates. Thanks for all of your support and ideas! keep them coming!
Sagirou 19. mars 2015 kl. 9:18 
Also Arren usually says when he posts stuff on the workshop.."Ill post this on the wo rkshop so you can have a go adding your own touches to this and ill see you next time." So in this case CL, you dont have a standing leg there either.
Sagirou 19. mars 2015 kl. 9:16 
Ok CL youre clearly gonna keep running your mouth. Go ahead and spout whatever nonsense you want. Facts remain facts. Ive already seen people build similar ships way before ever hearin gof yours. On here and on starmade. So yeah, plenty of people have done it on both games. Just because it hasnt been posted to the work shop doesnt mean it hasnt been done. Now unless you have something more important as areply than a "No, you stfu" stop speaking. Seriously.