Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Challenge - Super Leet Bros 1-1
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9. aug. kl. 20:18
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Challenge - Super Leet Bros 1-1

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Inspired by Sunny's "1-1 but with a twist" Super Mario Maker 2 course:

The map started as an idea FMPONE had where I could remake that map using the assets I've made for Plumbing... Well I did.

I've tried to not be that sadistic on the firebars... hopefully. See it as a race more than an impossible level.

Here's Plumbing, a Mario themed wingman map I've made if that suits you more:

Known Issues:
  • Random crashes after 10+ mins ("CUtlRBTree overflow!")
  • FarZ glitches due to vvis and my poor optimization
  • Bad optimization... can't really be dealt with, ♥♥♥♥ is expensive!

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18. aug. kl. 0:23
This is great!
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kuKli Donn>VP>CLG 5 timer siden 
very good map. Make some more levels plz as i rly enjoyed this one
dan 5 timer siden 
My favourite map! Please make more! :)
Nivec 24. aug. kl. 2:40 
A way too small amount of fireball strings. 9/69
1665335251 21. aug. kl. 22:47 
I can't play with my friends. I hope the author will consider it. Thank you.
Katan 21. aug. kl. 4:51 
FINALLY finished it.. Played it for like an hour
2956991607 18. aug. kl. 5:58 
This map is very good:steamhappy:
✪ zMaXii ツ 16. aug. kl. 4:47 
got 0:20 today :))
¿ 14. aug. kl. 12:53 
nice map
中国人不打中国人 14. aug. kl. 4:44 
wtf is this shit map
Cookie_Hero 14. aug. kl. 1:31