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Job Manager. [Abandoned]
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Job Manager. [Abandoned]

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Warning!: Serious Display Bug
Now, menus of this mod triggered by decisions or edicts do NOT show actual current status. Configurations that you set will be applied exactly to pops' behavior, but the configurations may NOT be shown correctly in the menu. This means you must memorize or note down your configurations yourself.
This display bug is caused by a bug of 'scripted_loc' in Stellaris 2.3.0/2.3.1. So, the display bug of this mod will not be fixed until the scripted_loc bug of Stellaris is fixed.

この表示バグは、 Stellaris 2.3.0/2.3.1の scripted_loc に関するバグに誘発されています。そのため、バニラ側のバグが修正されない限り本MODの表示バグも修正できません。


This mod add 2 edicts: restricting freedom of job selection of each species, and modifying priority of each job. Detailed information is shown in above pictures, since only summary and compatibility information is written in below.

* This mod does not prevent the species produce leader such as president.
* I take no responsibility in regards to discontent of your pops.
* A compatibility patch is required for using this mod with Glavius's Ultimate AI.

Discriminate Species
"Although I've said to welcome immigrants, how could I entrust aliens with important post? Never!!"
This edict restricts freedom of job selection of each species. You can provide that a species cannot work at ruler jobs, another species can work at only worker jobs, still another species can work at only specialist jobs, and ... Of course, you can also force out disgusting alien from holy template.
You can void this restriction in a specified planet by a planetary decision for early stage of colonization, emergency situation and any other cases.

Priority Management
"Wait, miners! Don't change job to researcher! We need more minerals!"
In this mod, you can modify basic priorities of each jobs. The priorities are applied to all planets in your empire if you set it from edict. On the other hand, the priorities are applied to one planet if you set it from planetary decision. By the way, the priorities can be applied to also AI empire from edict, this means this mod can be used as global configuration tool.

Storm of Layoff
"You said workers are insufficient because rulers and specialists are holding on to their stratum, right? Then, fire all of them!"
This decision layoff not only all rulers and specialists, but also all workers. This drastic remedy "educate" pops in importance of workers, and enough number of pops will demote in just half a year. Do not forget to set priotiries of worker jobs high in advance. Also it is required to prepare enough for dislocation such as 100% unemployment, no enforcer and no production of resources.

Latest Update
Bug fix: a decision of "Deregulate Selection of Job" did not work in case of "Advanced Enactment" used. Now works.

Compatibility Information
This mod is NOT compatible with mods that modify jobs of Vanilla, or is NOT applied to the jobs added by another mod.

The following files/functions in Vanilla are modified by this mod.
  • common/pop_jobs
    • 00_other_jobs.txt
    • 01_ruler_jobs.txt
    • 02_specialist_jobs.txt
    • 03_worker_jobs.txt
    • 04_gestalt_jobs.txt
    • 06_event_jobs.txt
  • common/scripted_triggers
    • 01_scripted_triggers_jobs.txt (only following fanctions)
      • ruler_job_check_trigger
      • specialist_job_check_trigger
      • entertainer_job_check_trigger
      • worker_job_check_trigger

Related Mods

本MODは、各種族の職業選択の自由を制限する布告と、職業間の優先順位を変更する布告等を追加します。以下に一応の説明文はありますが、概要にしか記載していません。詳細情報は、上の画像を見てください。ただし、互換性情報・関連MODは、英文テキストの Compatibility Information と Related Mods を参照してください。

※ リーダー(提督等)は、業務委受託契約です。労働契約ではありませんので、本規制の影響は受けません
※ このMODの使用により、貴国民が政権に不満を覚えたとしても、責任を負いません
※ Glavius's Ultimate AI と併用する場合、互換パッチが必要です

Discriminate Species (種族差別)

Priority Management (優先度管理)

Storm of Layoff (お前ら全員クビ)
「今の地位にしがみつく連中のせいで労働者が足りないだと? じゃあ、全員クビだ!」

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77 kommentarer
Inzeron 20. sep. kl. 0:45 
FinaL 11. sep. kl. 7:03 
Yeah I would really like a Starnet AI patch too ;_;
=E.M.A.N=yashamalu 9. aug. kl. 2:23 
A truly must-have mod! Although now that a lot of people are switching to Starnet AI, it'd be nice to have a patch for that.
Venator 27. juli kl. 23:21 
Great mod, thank you Nak1119.

Anyone else having pop being pushed to unemployment?
My main race can only be farmers, salve race only clerks, farmers, technicians.

Everyone is employed and 12 empty jobs.
in days mod moves 1 clerk to farmer (no idea why, clerk is low- but slave race has benefits for clerk). By pushing down the slave it pushed out the main race out of farmers (it was full) and now the poor guys is unemployed!!

If I go and click favorite on farmers a few times (yeah, it needs about 4 or 5 clicks), it brings back the main species worker and move the slave to clerk. But in a few days it breaks it again.

It looks like the mod is removing the default that the main race takes priority.
Also, I tried to set the clerk to same priority has farmer, but issue stays.

Thanks for any help
(p.s. I am comfortable editing the mod files)
spawnof2000 26. juli kl. 16:58 
is it possible to change a species job priorities instead of outright banning them?
adamsrealm 15. juli kl. 0:01 
@? Slave Pops as soldiers is risky, if they rebel you're in for a world of hurt
? 7. juli kl. 10:10 
Can I use this mod to get my free pops to stop taking the soldier jobs we HAVE SLAVES FOR THAT YOU STUPID PRE-SAPIENTS!?
Cpt. Kirk 4. juli kl. 11:45 
Use GAI compatible patch
xmandan 2. juli kl. 21:01 
Anyone know if it's compatible with Starnet AI? as im switching over from GAI