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Basebuild is a Garry's mod multiplayer gamemode in which you play as one of the 2 teams that builds their bases in order to win the game. The main goals to succes are cooperation, teamplay and your team strategy.

When you choose your team, you start with nothing, only equiped with a crowbar and gravity gun - the most important weapons in this game. With crowbar, you can leave your base and mine some resources needed for your base to expand. You deliver those resources by your gravity gun, some of them are heavier then another, so you may cooperate and mine together.

Once you gathered enough resources, you can then put them into various boxes that when filled, creates a building. Every building has a reason, whether it is a supply house or protective wall.

Wood, stone and iron are the most important resources.
Iron requires melting before it could be used. That means that you can mine iron ore, which you need to put in a furnace, that you need to build to melt the iron ore.
Mine wood by hitting trees located everywhere on the map, stones by mining rocks and iron ore by mining rocks located in the mines or outside.

Once you research the "supply house" building, you can unlock classes.
You can play as assault, with normal speed and some weapons, as heavy, with slow speed and slow mining speed, but equiped with powerful weapons, or as scavenger, having fast speed and fast mining speed, but very few weapons.
The key to succes is a cooperation with all those classes and assigning roles.

This gamemode could be better suited for friend parties, but it can be hosted on servers. The maximum recommended player limit is 8-10.

The main goal in this game is to research new buildings, that you can unlock by building others. Eventually, to end the game, you need to build the final tower, which serves no purpose but to win the game for your team. If no one manages to build the tower, the game results in a draw.

You can also put all your effort into building the final tower, which can be destroyed, or to first protect your base and then aiming to win. You can compromise between those playstyles.

Most of the gamemode is done in Hammer, which means that you could create your own based on the entities from mine. I'll be putting the vmf version online soon.
Until that, this only map that exists for this gamemode is open, so it could be laggy on slow computers. Consider turning down your settings if you happen to notice some frame drops. I did what I could to optimize the map, but given the number of entities and the map size, the engine simply handles it badly.

The map bs_greenfields that comes with this gamemode should have all custom content packed. It may require episode 2 for some textures however.

As this being something new for the gmod gamemodes, there could be various bugs. Please report any bugs that you encounter, so I can fix it and update the mod.

--To change the time of the round, you need to have sv_cheats enabled, and then you can type "lua_run test( time )", where time is the number of seconds you wanna set your time to. So "lua_run test(1200)" sets the time to 20 minutes.

Source code available here[]
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DerNachtSky 2. apr. kl. 17:44 
Why doesn't stone respawn
co299 31. mars kl. 17:06 
okay thanks. I'll take a look
arrow.  [skaper] 31. mars kl. 16:47 
It's a feature I definitely want to implement, it just takes time to do so. It could be much faster if it was done in code, but all logic is done in the map itselfs, which is pain to work with. You can of course try to edit the mod yourself if you want, all files are available on my github page.
co299 31. mars kl. 15:53 
is there still support for this addon? I have been playing and noticed stone is a very rare resource for my friend group. if no update was planned i was considering making the stone respawn my self but im kind of a novice programmer
arrow.  [skaper] 17. mars kl. 9:54 
bs_greenfields, already included
Никичь 17. mars kl. 8:53 
alfie8010 15. mars kl. 6:48 
arrow.  [skaper] 15. mars kl. 6:33 
It can be played as 1v1, but it will take more time for someone to win. Consider changing the time as described in the description.
alfie8010 14. mars kl. 17:43 
is it good for 1v1s?
arrow.  [skaper] 27. feb. kl. 23:49 
The HP is set to 100 by default, there is definitely a function to change it, try to google it, gmod wiki will certainly have an answer. Custom weapons can be used, using SWEPs.