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Max Payne (1) Language files
Por darkje
Here you will find the available language files and install instructions for playing the game in an other language.
Max Payne 1 Language Files Collected by Darkje

I've collected most languages files for the game, and made them available for downloading in the old spud forums[]. Since these are closed now, I decided to make a new guide here.
How it works
To change the language of the game, 2 files are needed;
- x_(language).ras
- x_data.ras.

- Install the game, from cd or from steam.
- Use Soundpatch if needed.
- In the game directory create a new folder and move both current language files there, as a back-up.
- Place the new language files in the main game directory.
- Done

- Remove both language files from the main directory and move the backups back, delete
the now empty backup folder.
- Done

- changing language has to be the last step, so if you want to use the soundpatch afterward to restore to original, please manually undo the language change first. (you can still convert mods, without changing language back)
- your saves will still work after changing language.

Official language files
- English: MP1-English-converted.rar (208.6 MB)[]
- French: MP1-French-converted.rar (177.1 MB)[]
- Italian: MP1-Italian-converted.rar (167.5 MB)[]
- Polish: MP1-Polish-converted.rar 207.7 MB[]
- Portuguese: MP1-Portuguese-converted.rar (228.1 MB)[]
- Russian: MP1-Russian-converted.rar (204.3 MB)[]
- Spanish: MP1-Spanish-converted.rar (155.5 MB)[]
* The files in here are already converted with the soundpatch.

Fan-made language files
A German user made mod was reported by MaxSchmerz, I added the file to my collection, just to make sure it's there in the future:
German (mod version): MaxPayne_DeutschPatch_v4.rar (171.1 MB)[]
German text only (mod version): MaxPayne_DeutschPatch_Text_v4.rar (37.6 MB)[]
* these work like a mod, place the mpm in your game directory and select the mod from the startup screen.

SuperContra6 came up with some more fanmade translations I prommised to add to the list (thanks man! I'll add them to my personal collection too):
- Japanese: MP1-Japanese-converted.rar (212.5 MB)[] - ported from Android version. Converted and patched.
- German: MP1-German-converted.rar (232.0 MB)[] - from 'MaxPayne_DeutschPatch_v4': sorted and packed in RAS-files.
- Czech: MP1-Czech-converted.rar (20.7 MB)[] - text only, unofficial.
- Slovenian: MP1-Slovenian-converted.rar (29.0 MB)[] - text only, unofficial.

- Turkish: Sizercopter pointed me to where a Turkish language text only mod can be downloaded. Of course I added this to my personal archive too and I'm awaiting their permission to offer you this download. For the time being you will have to get it from their site.

In the discussions below a couple of requests came up for existing languages but then text only while keeping the English narration. I personally made some mods for that, using the German text-only files as an example, extracting the files listed in there from the original language files. The resulting mpm can be used as a mod. The data directory ones are basically the same as the mod, but is unpacked with ras-maker, the use of that is you can stil play other mods.

- French text-only:
or a data directory(use this if you want to be able to play other mods)

- Spanish text-only:
or a data directory(use this if you want to be able to play other mods)

If you find any new language file or the very rare unreleased German official one, please PM me, I'm interested ...

Where you looking for the language files of Max Payne 2? Here you go:
Copyright and credits
Some files included and names used are © but in here for ease of use or readability, I hope to satisfy their respective owners by mentioning:
Max Payne and the original language files © 3dRealms/Remedy at and
I'm not sure but I might have to mention Rockstar too, since they are the franchise holders nowadays, so here I go:
Steam © Valve Corporation at
For the fan-made and original language files: thanks to everyone that made them and the people that send them to me to complete the collection.

Thanks Ripch for the original idea and his work on the French version.
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darkje  [autor] 8 SEP 2019 a las 1:47 p. m. 
No there are no Subtitles i'm afraid, the text we speak of is the text in the comic scenes and some other ingame texts like the menu's.
Augmenti 8 SEP 2019 a las 6:00 a. m. 
Thanks for all your work on this mod, darkje! :whiskeybottle:

The mod seems to be focused on 'changing' language. I tried reading though your instructions, but wasn't sure so thought I would ask. This is probably a dumb question but I've got a English voice Max Payne game and want to see English Subtitles, will this mod help?

Marcos André 27 MAY 2019 a las 12:18 p. m. 
Portuguese text only with english narration. Adapted by myself

Marcos André 26 MAY 2019 a las 5:14 p. m. 
Can i get brazilian portuguese text only? Can´t find anywhere. Good job btw.
Rick Grooveberth 27 ABR 2019 a las 5:03 a. m. 
Thank you m8 !
Paranoid Rat 13 SEP 2018 a las 3:12 p. m. 
Thank you very much, I was looking for the spanish text only :lilimok:
darkje  [autor] 23 ABR 2018 a las 11:17 a. m. 
Okay so here are the Spanish text only with english narration files!

I have two flavours:
a mod
a data directory(use this if you want to be able to play other mods)

I would be pleased if you tested them for me and let me know if it's working as it should.
Everton1992 23 ABR 2018 a las 9:55 a. m. 
I can wait, what happens is that years ago there was a file that could be played with voices in English and subs in spanish, but in Megaploud (Rip), but now have exams and maybe playing Max Payne 1 and 2 coming soon (app September).
darkje  [autor] 23 ABR 2018 a las 12:25 a. m. 
Yea, it is possible to make that, but it requires some modifications. like the French below. Right now I don't have time to do it, but at some later point I will try ;) possibly coming weekend.

If you don't want to wait you can take a look at the French data folder version below. You can then unpack the Spanish one and create a data folder containing the same files for Spanish language. Put that folder in your Max Payne directory with the English files and the data directory will take precedence over the English texts.
Everton1992 22 ABR 2018 a las 10:34 a. m. 
Spanish texts and voice in english it's possible?