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Shape Mod Example
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29 ABR 2017 a las 9:21 p. m.
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Shape Mod Example

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Simple example demonstrating how to add new shapes through shapes.lua. Includes usage of mirror_of to allow mirroring of non-rotationally-symmetric shapes and and launcher_radial to change the spawn direction of missiles.

Unlike built-in shapes which have names, custom shapes are referenced by their numeric ID. Shape IDs are relocated much like block IDs so not need to worry about conflicts. Use numbers over 100 though, numbers below 100 alias built in shapes.

To get mirroring functionality, use mirror_of to define the mirrored shape. See shapes.lua in this mod. The mirror_of shape omits verts - the game automatically mirrors the mirror_of shape. You can specify vert for either the L or R shape, it does not matter.
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Prototype 13 MAR 2018 a las 6:18 p. m. 
Mods are downloaded to steamapps/workshop/content/329130/[mod Id number]
this mod's id is 916026798 (I think)
Marxon 8 JUL 2017 a las 1:31 p. m. 
Question, where exactly in the lua does the mirror_of line go? also where does this mod download to?
bcbc2425 4 MAY 2017 a las 10:11 a. m. 
glad ur suporting mods in reassebly it hasnt been geting many mod reacntly
Avior 30 ABR 2017 a las 9:55 a. m. 
He has returned.
赞美巨推 30 ABR 2017 a las 9:06 a. m. 
[82DK-A] Sir Metaladon 30 ABR 2017 a las 7:25 a. m. 
I see you saw my E-mail, and this is probably the best response from a dev I've seen in awhile.

All hail arrthur!
Husk 30 ABR 2017 a las 5:56 a. m. 
tanghao 30 ABR 2017 a las 1:10 a. m. 
Uiharu_Kazari 30 ABR 2017 a las 12:20 a. m. 
For this mod, I have been waiting for a thousand years!