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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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31 MAR 2017 a las 2:45 p. m.
22 OCT a las 5:41 p. m.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 2019
A great unknown danger is approaching Roah's home planet. Follow Roah as she explores the world and encountering all of its different factions, uncovering the mystery of what is draining the planets lifeforce.

The game takes inspiration from Rayman Legends, An Untitled Story and a variety of classic adventure platformers. Roah will have a big open world with tons of new abilities to obtain and master. It features unique fighting-game inspired combat wth tons of different moves to perform.

From the developer of Wings of Vi and I Wanna Be The Boshy, Roah's intended audience will be people looking for a challenge, to the most hardcore of platformer lovers. With optional content and varying on-the-fly difficulty, you choose how far you want to take your adventure. There will also be a casual mode with a bunch of changes to open the game up for new players.

Features include:
- Expressive and flexible combat system with tons of abilities and moves to unlock.
- Non-linear adventure path.
- Unique and challenging boss battles.
- Diverse environments.
- Obtain new forms to solve puzzles and overcome the environment.
- Casual mode for a relaxing playthrough.

It goes without saying but the game's still in development and content may change.

Availability: Shooting for Windows and Mac version at first, if there's no issues a Linux version as well. As I'm using Unity to create it, it shouldn't be an issue.
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168 comentarios
suny.knife 8 NOV a las 5:39 a. m. 
dackid19 4 OCT a las 1:03 p. m. 
Is this for the people that think wing of vi is too hard? The difficulty change in between the two looks dramatic.
Solgryn  [autor] 10 AGO a las 6:19 a. m. 
A lot of unexpected life stuff has happened, pushing out the release date. I'm just 1 guy :B
Hibachi 3 AGO a las 6:44 a. m. 
Greenlight is dead, there's no point updating here anymore.

Tust go there for updates. https://twitter.com/soulgryn
There's not much about the game indeed lately but there's some new monsters showed off.
Desticler 3 AGO a las 12:45 a. m. 
I believe the developer didn't like showing so much content of his previous game while it was being made, and he wants everything to be a surprise.
ķ͢e̸̷͜͢j͏̨̀͝҉d҉̛i 2 AGO a las 6:32 p. m. 
We didn't get an update for more than a year, and it's way much past "early 2018". Is this game dead?
Linkward Dickfingers 2 JUN a las 12:53 a. m. 
Need more jiggles. DO IT!!!!! :o
U.P. 12 MAY a las 3:27 a. m. 
plz make this happen
MeowMeowMeow 5 MAY a las 12:23 a. m. 
I Dunno 18 MAR a las 11:35 a. m. 
The sprite work for the environments is a bit lacking, and the character looks a bit too heavy, and slow for a metroidvania style game, but there's definitely potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.