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Fallout 1.5: Resurrection To Do List
Por Lauri
During my first play-through I found myself missing at least some general outline of what can be done in each city. Maybe you're like me.
New Hope
  • Village: Return Rachel's jewellery
    There's a corpse in the cave you wake up in. Be sure to loot the necklace on him, you can return it to the owner. It's a good idea to talk to the dead boy's father (Oswald) in one of the tents first though.

  • Village: Help Helen
    The leader of the village will send you on 2 small errands.

  • Village: Delivery for Adam
    He's in one of the tents. Gives you something to take along to the next town.

  • Village: Wipe out the whole town?
    If you're playing an evil character, your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ deeds will probably lead to New Hope's downfall anyway, so why not gain some loot and exp out of it? Depending on how evil you really are, you can do Adam's quests and the trade connection with Crimson Caravan before the slaughter.

Keep the strange talisman, they can be sold later for more than the merchants offer via barter. You can also ask around about it.

You may want to pick up the shovel lying next to the field to do some (grave) digging later on.
Rat Hole
  • South Side: Get cigarettes for Trevor
    Can be found randomly; sold by Alexa in the North Side. You can threaten to expose Trevor for visting the other part of town for the same reward minus the hassle.

  • South Side: Recruit Mutt
    You'll hear barking when you arrive. Meat jerky may come in handy.

  • South Side: Deliver a reply to Adam
    Remember the letter you got from New Hope? You can continue playing postman. You may want to hold off hiking back to New Hope until you have 1 more quest to do there. You can also rip the letter into pieces before Adam.

  • South Side: Medicine for Julian's doctor
    Alexa stocks all the necessary items, you need to ask her separately about the doctor's bag. You may have some buffout and stimpaks already.

  • North Side: Ammo for Alexa
    Leonard's gang is out of ammo. Get some from Julian.

  • North Side: Grave robbing
    Have the gravedigger unearth stuff or do it with your trusty shovel for some negative karma.

  • North Side: Tell father Farley about Alexa's generosity
    Alexa is very open about her business practices.

  • North Side: Katrin
    A girl in the North Side wants money for drugs. Let's say it's fitting she's on our to do list.

  • North Side: Junkie attack
    A junkie will try to rob you on the North Side. End his misery.

  • South Side: Extort the barkeeper for Julian
    This will turn the North Side hostile. It's a good idea to do it when you know your next (final) step in this part of town anyway. Talking to the bartender, you can convice him shaking down first time customers is not a good idea for 100 exp.

  • North Side: Kill Moore for Alexa
    Alexa wants you to off Julian's doctor. Turns South Side hostile, I refused to listen to Alexa's next request my first playthrough when she warned me I wouldn't be able to back off. If you complain about it being difficult to murder to doc in plain sight, Alexa will give you a syringe with mild poision.

  • South Side: Solve Maria's murder
    (spoiler heavy content ahead) George is right near Trevor when you enter town and will ask you to find out how his daughter died. Doctor Moore will sell you a bag with your first clue. Asking around, you'll find the next piece of the puzzle with some help from Farley and the gravedigger right next to the church. If you're not fluent in doctor, Moore can interpret the letter from the grave for you. Bringing all this information to George will allow you to deduce the killer's identity. If you've tagged speech you can likely convince the murderer to commit suicide.

  • Kill Julian for Alexa or kill Alexa for Julian
    If you progress far enough with either gang you can help either eliminate the other. If you help Alexa kill Julian, she'll kill George on her way home.

  • Kill both gangs?
    Depending on how you've solved Maria's murder, barkeep extortion and/or killing Moore, one gang may already be gone. I destroyed the other as well to ensure an optimal future for Rat Hole, which is being wiped off the map.

  • Short Lane: Go to a meeting in Frederyk's stead
    He gets killed otherwise and you won't get his next quests. You can ask around about why he's invited alone, but this won't open up any more possibilities. You can deliver a message from Sedit caravan that the meet is taking place.

  • Short Lane: Find the rat in Frederyk's Dream
    It's Jeremy! Get him to spill it over drinks, then shoo him off into the desert. (if you're feeling merciful)

  • Short Lane: Kill the raiders in their hideout
    Frederyk informs you of clever raiders hiding right under Sedit in Lost Town. Mutt will happily run into their traps when you enter, but hopefully you'll still mop the floor with these baddies.

  • Short Lane: Take Frederyk's caravan to Albuquerque
    You have 1 day to decide if you're going with his first caravan after the raiders have been taken out. If Jeremy's not taking a dirt nap already, now's his time.

  • Lost Town: Help the raiders rob a caravan
    If you choose the right dialogue options or have Gabriel with you, you can attack a caravan that's also being targeted by Rebirth ghouls. Damian will direct you to Vex in Albuquerque for more jobs if you're successful. Presumably Frederyk won't like this.

  • Main Street: Collect a debt for Nicol
    From the alcoholic in Lost Town who gives you the 'clear the cave' quest. Nicol's quests are off the table if Frederyk lives.

  • Main Street: Steal the sheriff's wife's necklace for Nicol
    Earns you a discount at Sabrina's gun shop.

  • Main Street: Kill Frederyk's Dream brahmin for Nicol
    To put the company out of business.

  • Main Street: Destroy a competing bar for Nicol
    You can kill everyone indoors at night and the cops won't lift a finger.

  • Downtown: Get information from the gay librarian
    If you're male you can make his day. Doesn't like the ladies much though. In his room there's a romance novel you can use to pass time. (because there's no sleeping in the streets in Resurrection)

  • Downtown: Paraphranelia store
    The midget shopkeeper in the middle has a special stock. This seemingly pointless junk can be used in a special encounter to get great items if you've bothered to carry everything along long enough.

  • Lost Town: Clear out the deathclaws
    The cave leading to Lost Town has multiple deathclaws and some loot (and teeth) in it. If you like cheating as much as I do, you can attack them head on. Otherwise you'll need some levels and gear. The drunk in Lost Town, Marvin, is the questgiver for this. He'll fall asleep first time you meet him.

  • Lost Town: Become a prizefighter
    You can fight in the ring. The 3rd and 4th opponents are quite difficult and will require some skill in unarmed.

  • Lost Town: Deliver junk to Scrapyard
    Charlie will sell you junk you can resell for thrice the price if you're in for a little adventure.

  • Lost Town: God's Gift
    Do some deliveries for Malcolm across the street from the casino.

  • Lost Town: Throw out the drunk for Sanchez
    You can throw out the loud drunk in the casino. This is the only quest you can do for Sanchez without making the ghouls in Little Hub angry.

  • Lost Town: Recruit Gabriel
    Near the bar in the casino. He'll only join evil characters.

  • Little Hub: Buy holodisks from Mrs. Stapleton
    Just to add some backstory.

  • Little Hub: Buy books from Mrs. Stapleton
    Books are great for spending all your excess loot on. You can reach 91% first aid, outdoorsman, small arms, repair, science without spending a single skill point.

  • Little Hub: Recruit Keri
    She's at the Crimson Caravan office.

  • Little Hub: Negotiate a new caravan route to New Hope for Crimson Caravan
    While you're at it, deliver Adam his brother's reply.

  • Little Hub: Get Peter to sell brahmin fodder to Crimson Caravan
    Available after the New Hope quest. Peter's the guy who welcomed you in Short Lane.

  • Little Hub: Kill Tadeus, a COC member, for Demetre
    He's the robed guy in Short Lane and starts screaming for the cops when you try to off him, so be quick.

  • Short Lane: Infect Demetre with FEV
    Tadeus' counter-offer. Proves he deserves to die.

  • Little Hub: Play with bombs
    Demetre of Crimson Caravan has a particular sense of humor. If you're skilled enough you can swap deadly toys with him.

  • Little Hub: Sleep with the ghoul waitress
    For males only. You'll get poisoned, radiated and an enriching experience : )

  • Little Hub: Talk to the dying Rebirth ghoul in Falcon's Flight
    Get some backstory, a knife and another talisman.

  • Little Hub: Steal gold nuggets for the ghouls
    One of the gate guards will throw a rope over the south wall at night you can use to get in. Requires some sneaking and convincing the cook to make noise or alternatively paying the guard to get the nuggets for you. By this point Rodriguez's/Sanchez's jobs are definitely off the list for you.

  • Little Hub: Mexican genocide
    Kill all of Rodrieguez's gang so the three ghouls can leave in peace. As much as I enjoy a bigot bloodbath, it's clearly a disproportionate measure.

  • Little Hub: Organize a caravan for the ghouls
    The ghouls still fear for their lives. Frederyk will help them out.

  • Lost Town: Guard meetings for Sanchez
    The first meeting in the basement is easy and will unlock a quest you can do for the sheriff's deputy, the second guard job will require some skill in killin'. These quests will make it impossible to talk to the Falcon's Flight ghouls.

  • Downtown: Deliver poison to the deputy
    After the basement job for Sanchez, you can arrange some mischief for the deputy.

  • Downtown: Kill Nicol for the deputy
    Kevin, the guy at the front desk, will let you in. If possible, complete Nicol's quests first for exp and $.

  • Downtown: Poison the sheriff for the deputy
    He's a real powerhungry bastard and will eventually take over the town.

  • Lost Town: Kill the ghouls for Rodriguez
    You can either kill them and skip town for 3 months for the heat to die down, reverse-pickpocket them with plastic explosives (tedious) or make friends with the sheriff enough to have him call off the cops.

  • Main Street: Contract HIV
    Sleeping with Loiz without a Jimmy Hat will do it right quick. I didn't like the idea of spreading the disease to every prostitute in the game and reloaded a save, though you can get cured in Albuquerque while doing the Empire/Anonym quests or by Dr. Yaotzin in the Mutant Hunters' base.

  • Main Street: Have Sabrina the gunsmith improve your weapons
    Had her make me a sniper pistol and a better combat shotgun. Nice.
  • Investigate Asmodeus' cave
    See what the loony Child of the Cathedral is up to. If you're doing an idiot playthrough you can get a pet floater. I know, right. Be sure to hold on to the part Jonathan gives you.
  • The Suburbs: Kill Vex for William
    The local gangster is asking for a bullet.

  • The Suburbs: Kill one of William's wives for Vex
    Vex will recognize Gabriel if you have him with.

  • The Suburbs: Kidnap sheriff Carpenter's son for Vex
    For me, it's been difficult reaching Albuquerque without having dealt with the sheriff while at the same time being friends with raiders, so I don't know the details here.

  • The Suburbs: Save Ben & Aleea's relationship
    Just some back-and-forth near and at the tribal camp.

  • The Suburbs: Ask Gurgan to go along hunting with the tribals
    Eventually you'll have an encounter from which another quest begins. Being friendly with tribals is frowned upon by Mutant Hunters and the medics in the Dead Quarter.

  • The Suburbs: Sell Alvarez some gecko skins
    If you have any from your hunts or elsewhere.

  • The Suburbs: Find out who's kidnapping people for Gurgan
    Paul in the Dead Quarter hospital has an interesting holodisk regarding this topic on his person.

  • The Suburbs: Help the tribals take out the Dead Quarter hospital
    You can get help from the Empire as well. Mutant Hunters will not help you. Talk to colonel Parson inside the main imperial administrative building.

  • The Suburbs: Help Catherine's daughter get into the city
    This quest can be resolved after you find Mrs. Velasquez' kid and offer her to adopt.

  • Dead Quarter: Join Paul's donor collection party
    As with the hunting quest, you can go 4 times.

  • Dead Quarter: Find out what the tribals know about their missing brethren
    Get information for Dr. Falber. You can continue this quest to capture all tribals in Albuquerque. You need to talk to the Mutant Hunters to ensure they won't interfere.

  • Dead Quarter: Sell you companions for parts
    Gabriel will net you 5000 caps, Keri 10000, you can sell Mutt to Pus as meat for 500.

  • Hunters' Territory: Accept a secret mission from lieutenant Terrak
    After talking to Elisa, search the basement of one of the small locked buildings in the Dead Quarter and report back. Meet the informant in the Dead Quarter. Report back. Use a computer in the admin building. Wait for the message. Go to Elisa. Realize (or don't) you've been duped. Install a new emperor.

    Visting the Dead Quarter after finishing this quest will make Anonym's servant-midget ambush you.

  • Hunters' Territory: Agree to work for Anonym
    Report to Elisa. After the cutscene at the palace, report back to the midget. He'll offer you to get rid of lieutenant Terrak or a bunch of imperial soldiers. If you chose the first, go to the Dead Quarter, hear an explosion in one of the small buildings, go down, kill the lone survivor. Report back to the midget, get a meeting set up with Anonym. Go to the other interesting house in the Dead Quarter. Massacre Aran and his entourage. Report to the advisor. Deal with the midget in the Dead Quarter. Report back to Elisa. Sync your PIP-boy at one of the terminals for possible future jobs. Collect your reward from Margaret the merchant.

  • Hunters' Territory: Join the Mutant Hunters
    You'll need 10 of those talismans I told you to keep just to get in the door. They don't like people cooperating with tribals. They're also a bunch of nasty nazis. Don't talk to them at all if you want to help the Empire against them later. After you've helped the empire you can still get through the front door, but they won't accept you into the fold.

  • Hunters' Territory: Get a pulse pistol for the Mutant Hunters
    The schematics are in the main administrative building in the inner city. You can get one from Chuck for 8000.

  • Hunters' Territory: Capture Kuggar the tribal
    With a good enough speech skill you can take him back without a fight.

  • Hunters' Territory: Go on patrol with Dutch
    He's the Hunter guarding the very entrance to Albuquerque.

  • Hunters' Territory: Scout the mutant camp for Sebastian
    This quest is instrumental in finding out more about yourself. If you report back with the holodisk, Sebastian will try to imprison (kill) you. If you want to report back, drop the holodisk and don't mention your 'peculiarities' to him.

  • Hunters' Territory: Take out Rebirth
    Sebastian will grant you 7000 caps, power armor and some troops to destroy the ghoul base.

  • Imperial City: Help them emperor clear out Vault 16
    Some time after the 'coronation' your PIP-boy will start beeping walking around Albuquerque. The second floor is filled with aliens, take 'em out. Supposedly you can poison them with nerve gas, but I didn't use the opportunity. Report back to the colonel. The third floor has Mutant Hunters. You can sound the alarm by releasing the aliens or via the overseer's computer. I prefer killing all the hunters. Drop some dynamite in the tunnel, boom, mission accomplished. Collect your rewards.

  • Vault 16 Level 3: Fix the generator for Victor
    Probably requires the same part I already used at the mutant camp : (

  • Imperial City: Recruit Lystra
    She's royalty. Only joins if you're good though.

  • Imperial City: Help Lystra find her brother
    Talking to the man at the caravan post leads you to Corath. Talking to the doc there you'll find out more.

  • Imperial City: Find the Velasquez boy
    Sleep with Zachary Browman (or steal his notes, if you're so inclined) in the administrative building to find out about Chuck. Kill the disgusting child molester and search his basement, alternatively kill the boys in his basement for him and deliver their chopped up corpses to Pus. You can get his inventory from a shelf with a good enough traps skill, there's the Louisville Slugger baseball bat down in the basement. Report to the colonel and confront Zachary. Finally, report to the mother.

  • Imperial City: Convince Mario Carbone to join the army
    If you want to. You can also hand him a gun so he can kill his parents while they're sleeping. "It's practically self-defense!"

  • Imperial City: Help Cole escape the city
    He claims he's being persecuted for having a small mutation. The police claim he's a common murderer. Considering how careless he is with the phrase 'kill him/her/them', I'd be inclined to believe the latter. Plus, he admits the murder when pressured : ) You can help the police catch him. After he runs away he'll return to the same part of town at night.
  • Old town: Get Morton's money back from Clint
    You can also extort Morton for being such a loser. As a female you can sleep with Clint but you won't get the cash that way.

  • Old town: Catch the serial killer
    Talking to the prost, the town doctor and finding a pack of smokes at the crime scene is enough for you to return to the sheriff and conclude this quest. If you kill the culprit in the ring you'll get his knife.

  • Uncle's Yard: Stop the grave robber
    Just wait until nightfall. You can convince him to stop, kill him or ask for a piece of the action. If you decide to dig up the graves and share the loot, you can still kill him afterwards. No reward from the keeper then though.

  • Iron District: Visit Wanda's brothel
    Comes highly recommended. You can even ♥♥♥♥ a brahmin.

  • Iron District: Convince Valery to become a hooker

  • Iron District: Save Valery's sister Abby from the brothel

  • Iron District: Get Richie out of jail for Nestor

  • Iron District: Kill Richie for Uncle
    You can convice the deputy to do it if you know of his drug problem via Malcolm.

  • Iron District: Make the miners go back to work for Nestor
    Takes some convincing of the red-shirted man in the mine.

  • Iron District: Turn the strike into a massacre for Uncle
    Just attack a guard in the mine or convince the miners to do it for you and you'll have a revolt soon.

  • Iron District: Challenge Uncle in the ring for Nestor
    You can convince Vodka (in the bar, obviously) to fight Cedrick for you. He'll actually be grateful.

  • Uncle's Yard: Challenge Nestor in the ring for Uncle
    Blaster the super mutant will be fighting on his behalf, you can talk to Vodka about defeating him and convince Blaster's doctor to weaken him before the fight. Fighting super mutants hand-to-hand is difficult as always though.

  • Old Town: Help the cops evict Uncle
    Uncle won't leave after Cedrick is defeated in the ring. Help the sheriff smoke him out.

  • Uncle's Yard: Eliminate Nestor once and for all
    Nestor swears revenge after being kicked out of town. Find him in Sedit's Lost Town and kill him, return with this gold tooth.
Camp of Mutants
  • Fix the generator
    Remember the part from Scrapyard I told you to keep? That. If you're aligned with mutant hunters, keep the part to fix their generator later.

  • Have the mutant gunsmith upgrade your stuff
    He can upgrade big guns after you fix the generator. If you're here to kill, he's carrying an improved flamer.

  • Lure Sebastian into an ambush
    The mutant leader wants you to get the leader of the Mutant Hunters to come to the camp. Sebastian has one of the best guns in the game (then again so does Dernus). You have to come to the camp with the mission from Sebastian active though, otherwise Dernus just kills you. Depending on your speech skill you may be able to lure S. there with only 2 soldiers or with suspicions and a bigger consort.

  • Talk to Thomas
    Tons of backstory.

  • Take the holodisk from the computer
    More backstory.

  • Loot the power armor from the westernmost locker
PROGEMA is a high level area south of Rat Hole.

  • Outside: Remove rocks with explosives
    The dead guy in power armor has rope.

  • 1st floor: Repair the northern one of the generators

  • 3rd floor: With the robobrain, repair the broken sentry bot
    It'll remove some rubble for you so you can watch Geoff's hologram, which in turns reveals the location of a laser weapon on the 1st floor to you.

  • 3rd floor: Control the robot to activate the main computer

  • 1st floor: Open the ventilation shaft with the lever to be able to re-enter the facility

Any further attempts at explosive archeaology will lead to your death.

On the 1st floor there's also colonel Feustel's holodisk in a desk and a plasma transformer on the ground near the lockers.

You can find combat armor and a minigun on the ground on the 2nd floor.
Rebirth Base
  • Outside: Retrieve the robe
    Thomas tells you about a COC robe he left under some rocks to use as a disguise. I usually have 1 party member who needs it, the other two have power armors : )

  • Level 1: Study the computer behind Leonard
    Lots of information. You can create a fake identity for yourself if you're a computer whiz.

  • Level 1: Repair the security bot
    You'll get the minigun from the armory or possibly have one on you. The motivator can be retrieved from the Mr. Handy in the cafeteria. The CPU card from level 4. If you have the high skills required for all this you'll get an extra, robotic companion.

  • Level 1: Get the keycard in the trunk next to the bot

  • Level 1: Talk to Tramell
    Just some background information, careful not to piss him off.

  • Level 2: Trick Erick to giving you a security card
    If need be. He's in a SE corner of the cafeteria initially.

  • Level 2: Listen to Jess' (the doctor) story
    Lots of ghouls have reasons to hate normies.

  • Level 2: Talk to Darrell
    Listen to the wounded ghoul's war stories.

  • Level 3: Hack weapon upgrading Mr. Handy
    It'll upgrade small and big guns.

  • Level 3: Have Chris upgrade your energy weapons
    You'll need plasma transformers for him to do it.

  • Level 3: Get gear from the armory
    Darrell has a power armor readied for him as I'm sure you already read. You can hack your false identity 'Max' to have good stuff waiting for you as well. If you're good a talking you can dupe Dave into giving you stuff multiple times, but eventually he'll realize it's a scam. Don't try to pick the lock to the storeroom.

  • Level 3: Use the computer near Feargus to reprogram an access card

  • Level 3: Deliver blueprints to Chris for Feargus
    He'll have a gauss rifle finished by the next day.

  • Level 3: Test the Gauss rifle
    Once Chris is finished he'll tell you to test the rifle on some bots. You can deliver the rifle to Dave in the storeroom for 500 exp, but why would you want to? : )

  • Level 4: Talk to Richard
    He's a scientist on the 4th level. You can convince him to give you his security card and also to release a nerve toxin into the prisoners' cells in the hopes of convincing all the ghouls the project is doomed. You probably don't want him to do that.

  • Level 4: Talk to Kath
    The bored ghoul. Get some information from her. She can give you a robe.

  • Level 4: Talk to the prisoners
    You'll get 2 different escape plans from the conversations. Break generator 2 for a silent escape, generator 1 for a violent escape. Sadly you can't free the prisoners just by killing all the ghouls.

  • Level 5: Talk to Geoff
    You'll have extra dialogue options if you've visited PROGEMA. If you manage to convince him about the Savior he'll give you an electronic key and a plan to destroy the facility, then leave.

  • Level 5: Talk to Aaron
    Seems the only way to get to The Savior's office is to admit to Aaron you're the Thirteenth.

  • Level 5: Talk to The Saviour
    If you've really high speech, you can convince him to trigger the self-destruct and become unresponsive.

  • Level 6: Talk to The Twelfth
    About his rebirth, about The Eleventh, yada-yada.

  • Level 6: Talk to Scott
    Tbh, never needed anything from him.
Special Encounters
  • Spammers
    At least 50 NPCs spawn around you and start spamming. It's fun killing them.

  • MacGyver
    Fun at MacGyver. (he can build a fusion reactor with some bubblegum and a pine cone, etc.) You can give him your weapon for no reward.

    Item recipes:
    Radscorpion Tail + Lighter = Ultra Stimpak
    Frag Grenade + Flower = Daisies
    Box of Noodles + Stimpak = Tool
    Flare + Deck of "Tragic" Cards + Pocket Lint = Expanded Lockpick Set
    Psycho + Meat Jerky = First Aid Kit
    Mentat + Iguana-on-a-stick (whole) = Doctor's Bag
    Scout Handbook + Nuka-Cola = Motion Sensor
    Plastic Explosives + Mutated Toe = Geiger Counter
    Fuzzy Painting + Beer + Dice = Stealth Boy
    Rubber Doll + Dynamite + Rubber Boots = Combat Armor(!)
    Condom + Daisies + Desert Eagle + Cookie = Alien Blaster(!!)

  • SG-1
    Talk some smack with O'Neill, Jackson, Carter and Teal'c.
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Mikali 21 JUL a las 7:19 p. m. 
FYI, there is another way to get to the Savior's office. On the cafeteria level you may depending on a previous quest meet an acquaintance who can 'escort' you to the Savior's office.
GDRFunk 31 MAY a las 11:48 a. m. 
Damn, I like this mod a lot, but I'm very stuck
Lauri  [autor] 18 MAY a las 2:27 p. m. 
Our contributions may be awarded more in the future:
Marklar 17 MAY a las 10:29 p. m. 
Thanks for the info. I will check the forums, I may still do, as I have never done anything like this on steam before, and it would be good practice for potential future projects.
Lauri  [autor] 17 MAY a las 1:42 p. m. 
Over 3.5 years, this guide has a star rating of 3 based on 25 ratings, 1988 unique visitors, 52 'favourites'. Expect your guide to get very little attention : ) Maybe check around the official forums if anyone has already done what you plan to?
Marklar 16 MAY a las 10:50 p. m. 
Replaying the game through for the third time. Your guide was invaluable my first time and you answered some questions for me and sent me a link which I remember well and thank you again for your help. I have discovered a lot of things my first two times through and am really having a blast on my third time around. I am seriously thinking about writing a strategy guide, well less than that, more of my guide of how I navigated things and what I did, etc. Do you think that it is needed, and would it be that helpful to the game community. What do you think ? Honest opinion I am very thick skinned and you will not hurt my feelings, etc.
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Thank you for the help!
Proxy 8 MAR 2019 a las 1:05 p. m. 
Who is going to give me that quest? I have sided with mutant hunters (mostly because I had to) And the empress doesn't give me any new quests because of it.
Lauri  [autor] 8 MAR 2019 a las 12:18 p. m. 
You probably have to take the quest to clear out the aliens before you're allowed to go down?