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The Tape
Genre: Horror
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Publicado el
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6 JUL 2015 a las 1:18 a. m.
26 ENE 2016 a las 7:42 p. m.

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The tape is a first person horror game with dark and creepy atmosphere. One day you found a mysterious VHS tape under your door. You don't know who could send it, and there is no labels anywhere on the tape. You put it in your old VCR player and witness most disturbing and horrifying things, you never could've imagined...

On the tape you see a story of private detective, who was investigating mysterious kidnapping of young girl, and came to check old house out in the desolate area. The gameplay consists of exploring this place and it's secrets, solving puzzles and finding info about missing girl.
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118 comentarios
javierucu 4 FEB 2016 a las 6:52 a. m. 
hi, i think The tape looks fantastic. I love horror games. Now i´m finishing the working in other game and it would be great to cooperate with such a promising team. I think my work could fit perfectly in your project. You could listen my music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA7fQzZ9gUU Could we talk about it? my email is: cga.sound@gmail.com Thank you.
Jayeei 7 AGO 2015 a las 6:40 a. m. 
This is going to be one hell of a disturbing game........
I'm interested!!! :D
Zaza 4 AGO 2015 a las 5:12 a. m. 
This game reminds me a lot of Sad Satan
Anna Du Campion 31 JUL 2015 a las 10:00 a. m. 
You should add a frame like a DVR that counts your (total) ingame time and that red ''rec'' thing that shows it is recording to fit the feeling you're holding a camera.
LAMBP 30 JUL 2015 a las 3:02 p. m. 
Medics_Long 26 JUL 2015 a las 4:06 p. m. 
yay nightmares!:jarate:
DoodleBob 26 JUL 2015 a las 4:26 a. m. 
Snoopy 26 JUL 2015 a las 1:24 a. m. 
Hmmm Thats so nice. :D I WILL :D
b.monger 25 JUL 2015 a las 11:37 p. m. 
Looks like I might puke if I play this game for a prolonged amount of time
RGB-IFY 24 JUL 2015 a las 3:12 p. m. 
definetly creepy... cant wait to play!