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15 FEB 2014 a las 2:26 p. m.
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Made this awhile ago. TTT Map not yet on workshop, so I uploaded it now.

ttt_concentration_b2 concentration nazi camp trouble in terrorist town tns
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→♥←Birthe Knechthold 8 JUL a las 4:14 a. m. 
Good design and some effort is in this map. BUT nazi flaggs and hook crosses, thats a no go. Black humor has a line and that line is small. Thats why this map doesnt have screenhots because steam would delete this map.
Dr.Mute707 {} 4 JUL a las 6:01 p. m. 
Lol I bet you've gotten people who are offended by this map xD
Somnius 19 ENE 2018 a las 5:33 p. m. 
Redcow why won't this work on the TNS server? It crashes the server!
Redcow  [autor] 21 DIC 2017 a las 8:11 p. m. 
@Pinhead Larry. I taught the mapper how to create his map! And helped with certain areas on 67thway
jollygoodfew 21 SEP 2017 a las 3:48 p. m. 
General, That is the textures you're missing. meaning you either have to deal with it, or not play the map.
CaliphMatthew 5 MAR 2017 a las 3:44 p. m. 
Everything on the map is a missing texture or an error
Pinhead Larry 14 FEB 2017 a las 11:04 a. m. 
whats your connection to 67thway?
cjstock2504 8 ENE 2017 a las 10:42 a. m. 
what is the music you can hear on the speakers
Hugh Mungus 25 NOV 2016 a las 3:11 p. m. 
i have missinig textures, can anyone help me???
armani 19 NOV 2016 a las 8:17 a. m. 
the nazis were pretty cool thanks for this map