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Martens - Nature's Most Adorable Assassins
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Martens - Nature's Most Adorable Assassins

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This mod adds a particular animal that is sorely lacking in the rim: The marten!

These amazing mustelids needed to be added, and so that's why this mod exists! I've got a few plans for the mod going forward, so it's not done just yet! But the basics are ready to go, so enjoy!

Come join me live on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/ra_zim

Join our Discord as well for live discussion and support! https://discord.gg/QyeUUgx


- Beech Marten
- Japanese Marten
- Nilgiri Marten
- Pine Marten
- Rim Marten - A special mutt of the other martens that evolved here on the rim!
- Sable
- Yellow-Throated Marten
- Megamartens - A megasloth/marten hybrid of casual deadliness!
- Perhaps too much in-game description for most!

To Do:

- Add Megamartens! Giant beastly martens for riding or carrying supplies!
- Clean up chemical spill in marten observation chambers
- Spruce up the mod page
- Find Eggs
- Devour Eggs
- Pester Yap about Marten Morphs for Pawnmorpher
- Dook at Ironwolf until he pesters Yap too
- Add Marten Nests (longterm idea)
- Patch in support for A Dog Said
- Add Mutagenic fangs
- Motorcycle
- Add Sounds

Known Issues:

- Some balancing may need to be done
- There's a strange graphical glitch on my PC with the martens when the game is played at 1080p, but it's fine at higher resolutions, including 4k. If you run into the poor quality, please report it!


ChillyPhillix - Art
Ra_Zim - Managing and Development
Jaffer (Avali mod dev) - Assistance with development
Yap and Iron (Pawnmorpher mod devs) - Assistance with development
Buddy the Sable - For his amazing performances in the videos here! (sablebuddy on Instagram for more!)
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Marten Fun Facts
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31 comentarios
Ra_Zim  [autor] 23 MAR a las 6:15 p. m. 
@AlphaAshIsAWeenie That's the sound they make sometimes :P
AlphaAshIsAWeenie 23 MAR a las 4:46 p. m. 
Ra_Zim  [autor] 20 MAR a las 6:06 p. m. 
@pumacatrun2 These critters are beyond adorable :)
pumacatrun2 19 MAR a las 9:42 a. m. 
Liking just for the videos in this description, even if I don't end up using the mod. Very cute.
Ra_Zim  [autor] 8 FEB a las 2:15 p. m. 
Huh, I made those some of the weakest ones. Maybe I need to balance it more, sorry!
lilwhitemouse 7 FEB a las 3:23 p. m. 
Yellow tailed ones? No, wait, yellow throated. Thank goodness for choke points.
Ra_Zim  [autor] 7 FEB a las 3:21 p. m. 
I sadly have no control over that event, but that is hilarious XD Were they Rim Martens? Those are still very deadly to fight. I figure: They are the product of the rim, they need to survive on the rim. But they are supposed to be rare XD
lilwhitemouse 7 FEB a las 8:49 a. m. 
Dear gods above, 17 manhunters appeared, and they wiped out my entire colony, killed the man in black, killed the entire raid that spawned a day later, and were busy slaughtering their way through the remains of my livestock. Brutal. Hilarious, but brutal.

Oh, maybe I'll see if I was playing on a less balanced version? Anyway, I have no objection to the superassassins, but maybe not 17 of them at once
Ra_Zim  [autor] 26 ENE a las 5:47 p. m. 
XD Yeah, I've hopefully fixed it! But still open for more suggestions!
Leri-Weill [FRA] 25 ENE a las 2:18 a. m. 
Thanks for the balancing, your assassins were more dangerous than cougars :D