The Curse of the Immortal /// Dota 2 - Short Film 2019

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"Little is known of the Aegis of the Immortal, and even less of the events that led it to being in the possession of the mighty Roshan. This is a legend that speaks of these events, and of Roshan’s mysterious past.

Heroes are usually the stars of Dota shorts, but we wanted to show some appreciation to a character who has been at the very heart of the Dota universe since the beginning.
This is our interpretation of the lore behind Roshan and how he came to be.

All of the characters, models, effects, animations and sounds (except for a few easter eggs) are custom made."
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Nemanja[Bunkerlingz] 19 AGO a las 1:39 p. m. 
You have to vote directly from the game
Mã Văn Tài 19 AGO a las 8:50 a. m. 
how to fix this error
Mã Văn Tài 19 AGO a las 8:50 a. m. 
Your account does not have sufficient privileges to perform this action. Please make sure that you own this game and that your account is in good standing.
Ragewagon 16 AGO a las 11:14 a. m. 
heeeey man. awesome work. cheers from sweden <3
addic7eD 13 AGO a las 2:08 p. m. 
Amazing work. Pozdrav
Ogreboy 12 AGO a las 5:55 a. m. 
Hello its me :)
savedbygrace 11 AGO a las 8:22 a. m. 
I want to like it but seems steam is still giving out an error. :YeSerious: :YeSerious: :YeSerious: :YeSerious: :YeSerious: :foxhime_liya3: :foxhime_liya3: :foxhime_liya3: :foxhime_liya3: :steamfacepalm: well done though :praisesun:
huysa 10 AGO a las 3:45 a. m. 
i can't like
Sitanoni 10 AGO a las 1:06 a. m. 
Hello everyone! We still don't know what's going on - there is some kind of bug not letting people vote for the video. :steamsad:

We have contacted Valve about it but haven't yet received a response from them.
Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Thanks for the love! We really appreciate it :steamhappy:
Felex 10 AGO a las 12:52 a. m. 
something weird is going on, I'm unable to like this, but i can favorite it.