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The Hayseed
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The Hayseed

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It's Harvest Time!

The Hayseed adds a new character to Slay the Spire with a bounty of farming-themed mechanics and flavor.

This mod introduces 75+ new cards and 16 custom relics, plus unique potions, curses and events.

  • Plant Crops and grow them to maturity—then harvest for a variety of effects. Shuffle your draw pile to grow your crops organically, or play cards designed to accelerate their growth.

  • Seasons bring a randomized mix of crops to each run for loads of replayability. Seasonal events and curses offer additional variety and flavor.

The Hayseed supports many strategies—diversify your crop selection, load enemies up with debuffs, harvest early and often for specialized payoffs, or focus on synergies between a few key crops.

On GitHub:
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17 comentarios
Charlie 18 ENE a las 3:24 p. m. 
Very beautiful mod. However, I just won by drawing my whole deck over and over with "go to market" and playing a zero-cost attack, and it was the exact opposite of fun. Right now go to market unupgraded is bad (compare to skim) and upgraded is broken (compare to battle trance). My suggestion would be to make it a backflip variant (block and draw cards) instead.
PedroAlvi 17 ENE a las 2:35 p. m. 
incredible mod. Art feels perfect and character feels nice to play. Full recommend
Jazzepi 13 ENE a las 7:19 p. m. 
This is an amazing mod! Very nice work.
MisterCorpuscle  [autor] 21 NOV 2019 a las 8:31 a. m. 
@thatguy, thanks for reporting the issue.

The inivisible lagavulin is actually a known base game bug! It's possible to reproduce with base characters in the unmodded game. I have seen it happen a couple of times with Hayseed, so it may be more likely to occur with mods or Hayseed in particular.
thatguy 20 NOV 2019 a las 8:24 p. m. 
graphical glitch on Laga Elite when using an upgraded BuzzBomb on it when it was sleeping
Mom's Spaghetti 8 OCT 2019 a las 3:14 p. m. 
Would say this class is kind of lackluster power-wise. Like the aesthetic, but it's basically Defect without any of the immediately useful parts. Also the fact that, unlike the Defect, this class only gains value when the discard pile is shuffled into the deck or if you plant crops by other means which, cards like that are few and far between despite being a necessity to actually make use of the mechanic.
MisterCorpuscle  [autor] 16 SEP 2019 a las 9:25 a. m. 
@calemrowlands I don't seem to be able to reproduce this crash yet. I'll try to track it down and fix it.

Have you had this happen more than once? Do you have any other mods running?
calemrowlands 16 SEP 2019 a las 2:07 a. m. 
Very good mod, but I have found one bug:
If I choose "Lose your starting relic, gain a boss relic" at the start of run, Slay the Spire just instantly closes itself.
Upon selecting continue, I had no relics, or Cards, so even choosing a different starting gift, I can't do anything in the first fight.
[BOCL]trashcutter 8 SEP 2019 a las 5:48 a. m. 
holy potatoes ! good work, thank you very much
Rented Tritium 17 AGO 2019 a las 10:31 a. m. 
Banjo music would be sweet