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Surviving Mars

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Silva - Halloween Nightclub
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Silva - Halloween Nightclub

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Add a new Service Dome building to celebrate Halloween on Mars in this Pumpkin Nightclub. And Victor Vran is here!!

New building : Halloween Nightclub
Type : Dome Service
Service Comfort : 60
Sanity : +10
Interests : Social, Drinking
Max visitors : 10
Workers : 2
Upgrades : 1

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween !

Mod available into French & English

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8 comentarios
gdi_alliance 26 MAY 2019 a las 3:20 a. m. 
My games keep say there is a file missing so I cant get this mod to work
Silva  [autor] 9 FEB 2019 a las 8:43 a. m. 
@Jadeus Before I did not kown how to do it. but, for my next mod, I understand how to do(and MORE) !
Jadeus 9 FEB 2019 a las 8:24 a. m. 
Love all your mods. Very professionally done. I've noticed that most buildings in the game have doors that open/ close when colonists enter buildings. I noticed that this building does not - is that too difficult to include or is this an oversight?
gdi_alliance 23 NOV 2018 a las 12:48 p. m. 
I cant seem to get it to appear. I dont know how to build it
EbinMake 18 NOV 2018 a las 1:07 a. m. 
i wish it still was spooktober
ProDude 11 NOV 2018 a las 10:11 a. m. 
小李飞刀KBK 6 NOV 2018 a las 8:25 p. m. 
Woo,Thats very good ,thank you!
Carl Houston (SR) 1 NOV 2018 a las 12:26 p. m.